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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 25)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA swims through a sea of cybersecurity verbiage, Certification Magazine peer under the hood of "full stack" development, and more.

Dictionary Daze: CompTIA Defines Security Terms


Words mean things, even in IT.There are a lot of words drifting along various currents in the sea of information technology (IT) that are nebulously defined at best. Sometimes it's because many people simply aren't well versed in the technology being described — no, you tell me what "containerization" is — and sometimes it's because the same term means slightly different things to people in different branches of IT. We could probably get four or five differentiated tech pros to give us four or five different shades of the precise technical definition of "agile." Sometimes we use three or four different terms interchangeably to mean more or less the same thing: That's the contention of CompTIA chief technology evangelist James Stanger in a new post this week to CompTIA's IT Career News blog. Stanger hears us all saying "cybersecurity," "information security," and "IT security" to mean essentially the same thing and he's like, "Yeah, OK, you're not wrong, but ... " The overarching convention for many, Stanger says, is that the correctly all-encompassing term is "IT security." Following that rule, "cybersecurity" refers to the protection of electronic assets, whereas "information security" refers to the protection of data and its derived information. (Rarely confused with the other three is the term "physical security," which refers to locked doors, proper lighting, and so forth.) It's worth reading through his piece just to understand what the various not-universally-agreed-upon terminologies are.


Cisco Podcast Digs Into Recently Announced Certification Changes


Speaking of people patiently explaining slightly confusing things to the rest of us, a new episode of The Cisco Learning Network Podcast zeroes in on the big announcement from last week that Cisco is preparing to launch a somewhat radical overhaul of its popular certification program. The most sweeping change is to the associate tier of the Cisco certification pyramid, which is essentially being collapsed back into a single credential, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), following a sort of reverse "big bang" pattern. There are a number of other modifications and refintements, and Cisco executive Yusuf Bhaiji, senior manager of Cisco's global certifications team, tackles them all over the course of a sprawling three-part podcast. If you've only got time for one of the three parts, then you should probably tune in for Part 1, which gives a bird's-eye view of everything that was announced.


Learn to Code and Secure a Bright Future for Yourself


Like father, like son: Coming out of last weekend's Father's Day holiday, Oracle Certification went toe-to-toe with a talented teen who is using Java to code a bright future for himself. Andy Nilson, a 14-year-old computer programming whiz kid from Mountain View, Calif., is following in the footsteps of his father (who runs a prominent Java user group) and brushing up his coding skills. Andy is using his knowledge of Java to rig everything from robots to Minecraft mods, and is having so much fun that he's already planning for a career in software engineering. The Oracle Certification team sat down with Andy to get the scoop about his adventures in programming, and their interview is a fun read for anyone with an interest in Java or Java certification.