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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 29)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Pearson VUE unveils results from its annual Value of IT Certification Survey, Learn on Demand Systems busts out a plethora of digital badges, and more.

Survey Says: Pearson VUE Trumpets Value of IT Certification


What is the value of an IT certification? Pearson VUE has some thoughts.There are few things we like more around these parts than a report, study, survey, or other public declaration that affirms the educational oomph, career importance, and general worthwhileness of IT certification. We're all over that stuff. So we're pleased to herald the release, earlier this week, of findings compiled via testing titan Pearson VUE's annual Value of IT Certification Survey. One of the benefits of getting a certification, for example, is that it increases professional credibility: 91 percent of respondents to Pearson VUE's survey said that adding to perceived competence was a key motivating factor in their decision to get certified. Certification doesn't just make a difference in the esteem of colleagues and peers, either: 67 percent of those surveyed said that they gained greater self-confidence from getting a certification, while 88 percent said that getting certified increased their motivation to maintain and improve their IT skills and knowledge. Pearson VUE is a major force in the IT certification industry, managing test delivery for some of the largest and most widely recognized IT certification programs in the world. The Value of IT Certification Survey draws information from more than 10,000 certified IT professionals in more than 130 countries. A complete report of findings from the survey is available online.


When It Comes to Work/Life Decisions, Money Matters to IT Pros


There are a number of different factors to consider when deciding where to live and work. Blogger Michelle Lange says that, where IT professionals are concerned, one of them tends to far outweigh the others. As the noted social scientist Neil Diamond once observed, money may not possess the capacity to sing, dance, or walk, but it sure can talk. Lange, whose thoughts on the matter appeared in tech industry association CompTIA's IT Career News blog at the end of last week, concurs. CompTIA research, she writes, demonstrates that IT pros' biggest concern about taking a new job in a different state or city is whether or not they can afford to live there. More specifically, concerns about living expenses, housing expenses, salary, and long-term employment outlook predominate. Affordable housing, for example, consistently outranks any other feature of community living or organization when IT pros are deciding whether a new town or city is a suitable relocation destination. The data discussed was gathered for CompTIA's recently released Tech on the Move report.


CertMag Security Certification Survey Probes Security Concerns


Securing and protecting IT assets is a huge area of concern for every business and organization out there. Be that as it may, there still aren't enough security personnel in the global workplace. That's among the key findings of a recently completed survey of certified information security professionals. A report of findings, published in the July issue of Certification Magazine and recently made available online, reveals that more than 80 percent of those surveyed either agree (47.3 percent) or strongly agree (35.6 percent) that enterprise security staffs are too small. It's not just that more people are needed: 74 percent of respondents either agree (42.5 percent) or strongly agree (31.1 percent) that there is not enough money being spent to install or improve security measures.


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