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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 3)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Cisco helps you settle into (and power through) the certification grind, CompTIA compares and contrasts CEH and PenTest+, and more.

How to Not Give Up in the Middle of Getting Certified


Certification is a marathon, not a sprint.Just about every human endeavor that requires persistence and endurance is compared to a marathon at some point. For example, getting a certification requires time, energy, and patience, three things that are also essential to completing a 26.2-mile run. Almost anyone who has run a marthan could also tell you about "bonking," also known as "hitting the wall," which is the part of the race where your body becomes convinced, usually only temporarily, that you've alread given as much as you've got and that quitting is the only option. Over at Cisco Learning Network's Join Women in Networking Blog, a new post offers advice for certification candidates who are working toward a Cisco certification and find themselves bonking somewhere along the way. The post encourages eager certificants to plan, train, and persevere in pursuit of their goal. If you're contemplating a certification and feeling a little intimidated, then head to Cisco Learning Network for some solid advice and a spiritual pick-me-up.


ISACA Blogger: Shutdown Theatens Cybersecurity Soundness


The current partial shutdown of the United States government, now in it's 26th day, is keeping government employees out of work and putting lawmakers at each other's throats. Beyond the obvious consequences of the shutdown, however, there are many unintended effects that will start to become more evident, and have a more bruising impact, the longer that the stoppage persists. Cybersecurity consultant Jason Yakencheck, writing earlier today for the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and governance association ISACA, argues that one of the most critical unintended effects is the potentially lasting damage that is being done to national cybersecurity readiness. For example, Yakencheck argues, skilled cybersecurity workers are more likely to think twice about taking government jobs in the future. And many of those who already have government cybersecurity jobs are currently furloughed, leaving critical tasks undone and critical monitoring unsupervised. More reasons to pray for a speedy solution.


Oracle Says Certification Can Help Retain Employees


Speaking, as we just were, of potential difficulties in finding skilled IT professionals to take your jobs, the Oracle Certification Blog has some advice for decision makers who want to keep their most talented workers in the fold. Senior program manager Brandye Barrington writes that companies and organizations that help employees develop skills and gain knowledge get big benefits. And what's an excellent way to help someone get new skills and knowledge? Ah, yes: certification. Employees who gain new skills become more productive, for example, which is a benefit to the company whether or not the newly-certified employee sticks around forever. Employees are more likely, however, to stay in a job where they feel that management supports their efforts and helps them to excel. So at the same time that your workers are learning how to do their jobs better, they are also feeling more comfortable and appreciated in their responsibilities. That's a double boon that should appeal to any employer.


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