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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 33)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, ISACA prepares for global day of service in October, the two-exam format of CompTIA's A+ gets get the once-over from Certification Magazine, and more.

ISACA Plans Worldwide Day of Service


ISACA is organizing a global community service effort.Giving back can be one of the most impactful forms of giving — when individuals pitch in to support and enrich the communities they belong to, the accompanying sense of altruism that uplifts the individual can be especially meaningful. In recognition of its 50th year, cybersecurity and governance association ISACA is encouraging members to participate in a first-ever CommunITy Day service activity. ISACA wants Oct. 5 to be the kickoff of an annual tradition whereby ISACA members around the world organize and conduct community service activities each year that give back to the many cities and towns where those members reside. As noted by ISACA, "ISACA chapters will be organizing local activities on Oct. 5 for which you can sign up. Some opportunities may be directly applicable to the business technology profession, while others may be simply making the world a better place." Is there anyone who can't get behind the idea of simply making the world a better place? Direct employees of ISACA itself are also participating. As noted by staffer and guest blogger Melissa Swartz in a post (linked above) to the ISACA Now Blog, ISACA staffers will be "packing seeds for Feed My Starving Children; running or walking a 5K for AIDS research; sorting and stocking donations for ReStore, the home improvement warehouse that supports Habitat for Humanity, and much more."


CompTIA Affirms Importance of Password Protection


There are lots of bright ideas out there for how the information technology (IT) community will eventually lead the way to a password-free future. Until that happens, however, individuals and their many, many passwords will continue to be key ensurers of effective information security. And, as noted by guest blogger David Landsberger in a recent cautionary post to the IT Career News blog of tech industry association CompTIA, "There are only two types of employees when it comes to IT security: major risk employees and minimal risk employees." Password protection is a key responsibility of anyone who wants to be in the minimal risk column. Good password hygiene includes, but is not limited to, creating strong passwords, changing passwords regularly, and not writing down or storing passwords where they can be easily found and stolen. Landsberger has a lot more to say about how everyone who has passwords can and should play a role in preventing security breakdowns. It's a good area for even well-informed individuals to periodically refresh their knowledge, so if you have one or more passwords, and especially if you have any role in IT administration where you work, then consider clicking over for a quick read-through.


Launch of Ethical Hacker Pro Wraps Up Busy Summer for TestOut


We shared the news on Monday of the release by training and certification provider TestOut of Ethical Hacker Pro, a new penetration testing/white hack hacking course-and-certification combo. That's not all of the course development news to swirl around TestOut, however, as the summer season winds down. At the end of July, TestOut released a new basic tech-and-computing-skills course, IT Fundamentals Pro. And in between, the company launched Office Pro, an upgrade of its Desktop Pro course (which focuses on Microsoft Office skills). More specifically, Office Pro aligns with Microsoft Office 2019, the Microsoft Office upgrade that rolled out last year.


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