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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 41)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, ISACA knows what men think women want, the Red Hat certification team launches the search for its next certified professional of the year, and more.

ISACA Survey Reveals What (Men Think) Women Want


Do men know what women want? ISACA says, "Not so fast, dudes."Who knows what women want? Men do, apparently. Or rather, men apparently think they know what women want. (Worldwide response from women: So what else is new?) Cybersecurity and governance association ISACA recently surveyed more than 3,500 professionals involved in IT governance, risk, assurance, and security. Among its other findings, the Tech Workforce 2020: The Age and Gender Perception Gap report reveals that 32 percent of men surveyed think that women find technology employment less appealing than work in other industries. What do women think is the biggest reason for the well-documented underrepresentation of women in IT professions? ISACA says more than half of the women (56 percent) who responded to its survey think the overall lack of women in tech is a self-perpetuating problem: the lack of female tech role models prevents females from seeking tech jobs. ISACA has compiled its full findings online and conducted a special presentation of information from the survey to U.S. government officials in Washington, D.C. earlier this week.


CompTIA Mixes Project Management and Cybersecurity


In there a peanut-butter-and-chocolate-style synergistic relationship between project management and cybersecurity? In a brand new post to the IT Career News blog of tech industry association CompTIA, blogger Jessica Frank suggests that there is a growing demand for professionals who have both project management acumen and strong cybersecurity skills. Frank cites a Buning Glass Technologies survey which recently revealed that understanding of project management is a top five ask from employers who are looking to hire cybersecurity professionals. Frank goes on to illustrate the point by providing details about eight cybersecurity jobs where having a strong knowledge of project management would be an asset. Penetration testers, for example, are expected to proceed through numerous steps as they work, and produce detailed reports of their findings. Both thorough reporting and administering a series of tasks are skills that could be improved through project management training. CompTIA has a certification that teaches project management principles (Project+), as well as several well known cybersecurity credentials.


There's Still Plenty of Time To Take the CertMag Salary Survey


So have you been thinking that there's not still time to take the Certification Magazine Salary Survey? Because there's totally still time to take the Certification Magazine Salary Survey. You can take it all the way until the end of November, actually. And this week, the CertMag team issued a tongue-in-cheek David Letterman-style reminder that there are lots of good reasons to join the throng of IT professionals who have already contributed to the 2020 Salary Survey. Some of those reasons, of course, are tangible practical incentives like a $50 Amazon gift card. There are 15 of those up for grabs, to be distributed at random among all survey participants. If you've been hesitant to participate up 'til now, well, maybe you'll get lucky. Who couldn't use a boost to their shopping budget just in time for Christmas?


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