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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 42)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CBT Nuggets says that you shouldn't necessarily be in a big fat hurry to get certified, Certification Magazine explores Scrum master certification, and more.

Certification: What's the Big Rush?


You don't have to get that shiny new cert right away, before anyone else does.It's not news around these parts that Cisco is about to overhaul the heck out of its certification program. The ongoing kerfuffle and foofaraw about the mass retirement of existing credentials and the unveiling of a brand new CCNA, however, provided the springboard for an interesting post to the CBT Nuggets Blog of certification training provider CBT Nuggets. Blogger Candi Orchulek uses the excitment over the new CCNA, which many tech professionals are vocally hoping to acquire as soon as it's available, as a jumping-off point to discuss the overall merits of rushing into certification. For example, with respect to the coming CCNA and it aura of New Coke mystique, Orchulek points out that there aren't yet study and training materials available that address the new credential and everything about it that's been changed — and there probably won't be new study materials before next spring or summer at the soonest. There's also the possibility that the new CCNA, or any new-and-improved tech credential, may not be ideally suited to every individuals career needs and aspirations. It's worth reading the full post, as well as thinking about how Orchulek's advice could apply to any certification decision.


Where Have All the Skilled Cybersecurity Professionals Gone?


As the days and hours of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month continue to tick past, discussion of the ongoing shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals has become a hot topic. One interesting perspective popped through to the Insights blog of tech hiring facilitator Dice earlier this week. Guest blogger Ron Hayman, a COO for sales tech provider AVANT, ponders the dual challenge of seeking out new skilled cybersecurity professionals while retaining those already employed by one's organization. Hayman makes the interesting point that colleges and universities are essentially forcing cybersecurity up-and-comers to seek out certification after getting an IT degree because most schools don't yet have fully-fleshed cybersecurity training programs. Though Hayman doesn't make the point directly that cybersecurity certification can help close the gap, it's plain to see that there's a path to gainful employment for anyone who has a good basic understanding of information technology and uses certification to build up her or his knowledge of cybersecurity.


Advance Your Education Through Certification


Speaking of using certification to enhance and build up what you may have learned in a university or college setting, a post on that very topic appeared at the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and governance association ISACA toward the end of last week. Nader Qaimari, the newly appointed Chief Learning Officer of ISACA, directly discusses the importance and value of what he calls his own "liberal arts education" while allowing that there are also blind spots that accrue to anyone relying strictly on their college background to further their career. Qaimari discusses some of the new benchmarks he hopes to hit from his new perch atop the ISACA education infrastructure, as well as how IT certification can fill in critical gaps in the job-readiness of today's tech workforce.


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