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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 44)

In this week's roundup the latest IT certification news, IBM subsidiary Red Hat tips its new Fedora, Certification Magazine breaks down what it takes to get hired as a DevOps engineer, and more.

Hat Trick: Latest Version of Linux-derived Fedora OS Released


The newest version of Red Hat's Fedora OS is now available.Red Hat, which still operates more or less as its own thing despite having been absorbed into long-lived tech colossus IBM earlier this year, passed another milestone this week with the second general release of 2019 of Fedora, the Linux distro that is the populist side of the Red Hat Linux coin. As a corporation, Red Hat makes its bones from selling support and related services to businesses that use its industrial-grade distro, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Fedora already turned over a new leaf in April with the general release of Fedora 30. The newest version, Fedora 31, arrives just days before the 16th anniversary of Fedora's initial release on Nov. 6, 2003. Fedora's user base, which numbers in the millions, includes Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Among other tweaks, the newest version of Fedora brings key updates to Fedora 31 Workstation, the edition of Fedora geared toward desktop computer users.


CompTIA Learns Lessons from 10 Famous Hacks


National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is almost over, but cybersecurity vigilance should be a year-round preoccupation. Lest we forget the cost of lapses in vigiliance, blogger Emily Matzelle took to the IT Career News blog of tech industry association CompTIA at the end of last week to deliver a quick history lesson regarding recent infamous cyberattacks. Starting with the notorious 2011 attack that exposed the personal data of 77 million Sony PlayStation users, Matzelle moves forward in time to the present day, giving a thumbnail sketch of each incident and highlighting the key takeaways for individuals (and organizations) who want to improve their overall cybersecurity hygiene. Her timeline of infamy continues through Target, Yahoo!, Marriott, Ashley Madison, Equifax, Facebook, Toyota, and the American Medical Collection Agency, before wrapping up with the hack of Fortnite disclosed by Epic Games earlier this year in January. If you're looking for a mix of light NCSAM reading and timely cybersecurity awareness insights, then this one will hit the spot.


What Could a Certified Incident Handler Do For You?


Sticking to the general subject of cybersecurity for a moment, security certification provider EC-Council posted an entry to its blog this week point users toward a post at tech hub JAXenter that discusses the general usefulness to businesses and organizations of hiring a certified cybersecurity incident handler. (EC-Council and fellow security-focused certification provider GIAC offer two of the better known incident handler certifications.) Blogger Tiru Dehariya discusses the benefits of having an incident handler on the payroll both before and and after a cybersecurity incident has occurred. Dehariya references EC-Council's Certified Incident Handler training materials several times, which is probably a pretty good indication of how they came to discover her post.


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