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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 44)

So You Want to Be a DevOps Engineer


The DevOps skill set is attracting a great deal of attention from hiring managers.It seems as though just about everything in IT is coming up DevOps these days. Even tech industry niches that don't directly fall within the DevOps methodology have been influenced by DevOps thinking. As noted in the introduction to a new article at, the official website of Certification Magazine, LinkedIn reported at the end of last year that "DevOps engineer" was the most hired role across its entire platform. Tech writer Reena Ghosh (a frequent contributor to GoCertify), given an overview of the role of a DevOps engineer and breaks down what interested parties need to know to get hired for that role themselves. Since DevOps engineers frequently manage teams and work as a liaison to business customers, they need a unique blend of tech skills and soft skills. Certification is starting to take root in the DevOps arena, and the article also discusses some of the foremost certification options for qualified tech professionals who want to add DevOps fluency to their skill set.


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