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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 46)

So You Want to Be a Data Engineer


There's a lot of demand in IT hiring for skilled data engineers."Data scientist" is probably the most glamorous Big Data job title, but data engineers are just as vital to analytics revolution. Data engineers do all of the heavy lifting required to create and maintain the data infrastructure that funnels massive amounts of data to the fingertips of data scientists. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy or be good at, then it's probably worth your time to click over to, the official Certification Magazine website, and jump into a new article that outlines the specifics of data engineering and provides information about how to prepare for and jump into the profession. For example, an aspiring data engineer should equip himself or herself with a university computer science or information technology degree and then be prepared to continually supplement that foundation by learning new technologies and generally keeping pace with a fast-evolving IT specialization. Skilled data engineers are already highly sought after, and the profession is certain to keep expanding as companies and organizations seek new and better means of milking the massive amounts of data that have become as commonplace and essential to business function as cubicles and office chairs.


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