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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 5)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Dice chimes in about the stagnating growth of tech worker salaries, CompTIA issues its annual Industry Outlook report, and more.

Dice Says Tech Worker Salaries Are In the Doldrums


Tech salaries aren't growing very fast.If money talks, as they say, then tech workers aren't exactly covering their ears to damp down the volume. There's plenty of money out there, to be sure, but tech employment facilitator Dice weighed in this week to report that its own recent survey found that employers aren't cranking up the noise. The overall average annual salary for tech workers who responded to the Dice survey is $93,244. That's a bump of just 0.6 percent from the comparable figure reported around this time last year. In other words, tech pay may far outstrip the average compensation in other industries, but salaries are hardly blowing up, despite continued low unemployment. With fewer job seekers overall, the prevailing theory is that salaries rise as employers compete for top talent — but Dice found little evidence to suggest that competition, or much of anything, really, is driving a compensation boom. There's definitely a degree of dissatisfaction setting in: 68 percent of Dice survey respondents said they would change employers to get better pay.


Training Industry Recaps 2018 Trends, Issues Predictions for 2019


Everybody has a podcast in 2019, including the professional knowledge enrichment gurus at Training Industry. Training Industry jumped into the podcast game in early 2018 and has now ground its way through 13 episodes ranging in length from a pithy 12 minutes — barely enough to get you to the freeway for your morning commute — to a decidedly meatier 51 minutes (the perfect length for your lunch hour). The first-season finale of The Business of Learning, released earlier this week, is a nearly 30-minute recap of "training market trends" observed in 2018, with some time at the end for predictions about the coming year. Guests on this episode include Training Industry president Ken Taylor, Scott Kirkpatrick of General Assembly, Brian Knudson of Noggin Labs, and Dean Pichee of BizLibrary.


Certification Magazine Has a Few Words About Cheaters


Somewhere north of 4,700 certified IT professionals took part in the most recent Salary Survey completed by the team at Certification Magazine. Now, in an mini-bombshell announcement, a survey follow-up article at discloses that some 3.2 percent of those individuals admit that, at some point or other, they have cheated on a certification exam. The survey included several answer options that offer a rationale for cheating, and even allowed survey respondents to assess and describe their own motives. The most important information here is probably the simple fact that there are people out there with certifications who admit that they've cheated to pass (or at least attempt to pass) an exam. It is interesting, on the other hand, to look at some of the excuses embraced. For example, one subset of self-confessed cheaters attest that the combination of pressure to recertify and lack of time to study spurred their misdeeds. What do you think, readers? What would it take for you to cheat on a certification exam?