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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 6)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Microsoft rounds up a month's worth of new certification announcements, CompTIA lists 10 things to watch for in 2019, and more.

Microsoft Takes Stock of a Slew of Certifications


Microsoft Learning is unleashing a slew of new certifications.It was a busy January over at Microsoft Learning, where a certification shakeup has been unfolding since before the calendar turned over to 2019. The new emphasis on "role-based" certifications has a bunch of old certs headed for retirement, and a bunch of new ones coming into the fold. You'd practically need a certification wizard to make sense of it all. Fortunately for all of us, Microsoft Learning has a certification wizard, and she is on the job. Ace psychometrician Liberty Munson has composed a mega-roundup blog post that links to every January blog post explaining all of the myriad certification shakeups. There's also a table that includes links to every new beta exam and certification that is now in the process of rolling out. If you head is still spinning from all of the recent activity, then take a few deep breaths and click on over for a complete and detailed breakdown.


Oracle Certification Touts Training Tools from Kaplan


It's a beautiful thing when two certification organizations come together. OK, we just said that because it had a bit of a ring to it. Whether or not there's actual beauty emanating from the Oracle Certification Blog this week is probably in the eye of the beholder. There is harmony, however, between Oracle Certification and Kaplan IT training, which is making an OCB guest appearance this week. The purpose of the drop-in visit is for senior program manager Brandye Barrington to tout the effectiveness of Kaplan IT Training's exam preparation methodology. Kaplan's approach is capsulized in its three Ps, Prepare, Practice, and Perform. Preparation, naturally, involves learning, and performance refers to the exam. The focus of both Kaplan and Barrington is on the Practice phase, throughout which certification candidates use Kaplan's QBank, or Question Bank, tool to relentlessly review until they are ready to perform. Follow the link above to get more details.


ISACA Talks with IT Workers About Its Own Certifications


The ISACA Now Blog of security and governance association ISACA covers a range of topics, with contributors from across the ISACA certification spectrum. One fun occasionally recurring feature is the Certification Spotlight posts that features a certified professional discussing the impact of ISACA certification of that person's career and accomplishments. The spotlight turned on again at the end of last week to feature the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) credential by way of Marco Schulz, an independent consultant based in Germany. The conversation with Schulz offers an engaging window onto the impact that becoming CISA-certified can have on one's career prospects.