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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 6)


CompTIA Predicts Its Own Future


See what's in store from CompTIA in 2019We've already dithered away an entire month of 2019, but there's still lots of it left to love. Tech industry association CompTIA, which just rolled out the newest version of its venerable A+ certification exam, is still plenty pumped up about what the next 11 months have in store. A new post to CompTIA's IT Career News blog touts 10 things to watch for in 2019, one of which, the aforementioned all new A+ rollout, has already come to pass. Of further interest to certification lovers is the imminent emergence of a new Linux+ certification exam, a changeover that will ditch the established two-exam format in favor of a single exam. That's all there is to watch for in terms of new certificaitons, but there are plenty of other big developments in the works.


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