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Certification Watch, Vol. 24, Issue 44

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Microsoft Learn invites you to virtually Ignite your IT certification training efforts, Amazon Web Services recaps its October training and certification news, and more.

Micrsoft Ignite Will Make All Your Wildest IT Dreams Come True


Microsoft Ignite is a great opportunity to gain ground in your Microsoft certification efforts.Annual IT conferences and conventions are often a great venue to further your IT certification efforts and ambitions. If you've never participated in one of these events before, then you could be in for an eye-opening experience. The annual Microsoft Ignite conference — to be held virtually this year for COVID safety — is on tap this week and there are numerous opportunities for any Microsoft learner to gain ground in his or her quest to stay sharp and get certified. For example, the Ignite conference will shine a spotlight on several new or updated Microsoft certifications. There will also be a special session titled "Ask the Experts: Microsoft Certification." If you've ever had a question about Microsoft credentials and how they can help you advance your IT career, then this is a great opportunity to get firsthand information from certified professionals who have the answers you need. Even if you can't attend live, the great thing about virtual events is that a great deal of what transpires remains available after the event. You can click over to Microsoft Ignite any time to find out what you missed.


Effective Organizational Cybersecurity Require Inputs and Participation from Everybody


Any business or organization in 2021 has cybersecurity challenges to overcome. And no business or organization can meet and overcome those challenges without everyone on the roster playing a role. Most organizations and businesses are well aware of these basic realities, but many of them struggle to determine who should be responsible for what facets of organizational cybersecurity. Cleaving that Gordian knot is the complex challenge with a simple solution addressed by blogger Ashley Watters in a new post to the official blog of tech industry association CompTIA. It's a nice digestif to the industry-wide and weekslong coverage of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Now that everyone is fired up about the problem, let's take some steps to actually address it.


Oracle Launches New Cloud Security Certification


Speaking of bringing down the curtain on Cybersecurity Awarness Month, a new post to the Oracle University Blog draws some attention to a key corner of the cybersecurity certification realm. Oracle University, the certification and education arm of database titan Oracle has launched a new credential for cybersecurity professionals with expertise in protecting Oracle cloud computing environments. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Security Associate credential is "intended for professionals who are responsible for security in their OCI environments." Among the topics addressed by the exam are OCI security services, OCI identity and access management, OCI data encryption, and OCI network security.


Assessing the Workplace Experience of CompTIA Security+ Holders


Speaking of closing the book on Cybersecurity Awareness Month, there's a nice wind-down note over at, the official Certification Magazine website. The CertMag team assesses different certifications featured in its annual Salary Survey each year in a running series labeled "Deep Focus." The certification featured on Oct. 22 is the Security+ credential that is a longstanding cornerstone of the CompTIA certification program. The article discusses the salaries, educational background, employment status, and organizational standing — among other data points — of certified IT professionals who have Security+ on their CV. Security+ is the foundation of many professional cybersecurity careers, so this is a good place for aspiring cybersecurity workers to go to get a sense of what's in store for them down the road.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Posts Training and Certification Roundup


Stay up to date on AWS certification helps and tools by following the AWS Certification and Training Blog.With cloud computing continuing to dominate the IT landscape, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) continuing to dominate the cloud computing landscape, one of the most critically important IT certification programs out there is the AWS training and certification program. If you're looking to advance your career by getting dialed in with cloud computing in general, and AWS in particular, then the AWS Training and Certification Blog is a valuable resource. How valuable? One way to gauge its usefulness is to check out the latest roundup of AWS training and certification resources released or upgraded over the past month. If you're struggling to find good information about AWS training and certification tools and helps, then it's only because you haven't discovered the blog yet.


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