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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 1)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, there's a new Salary Survey 75 list from Certification Magazine, Training Industry ponders the future of book learning, and more.

New Year, New Salary Survey 75


Certification Magazine has produced an all-new Salary Survey 75 list.There are way more than 75 IT certifications out there. Like, a ton more. Certification Magazine included more than 900 different IT certifications in its most recent Salary Survey, and that's after considerably shortening the listings for some of the larger and more labyrinthine IT certification programs, like those at IBM and Oracle. There are only so many hours in the data compilation day, however, so the CertMag team drew a red line at 75. The newly released Salary Survey 75 list from the 2020 Salary Survey targets the credntials that appear most frequently in the individual certification portfolios of survey respondents. If a couple of hundred people from the survey pool hold the same cert, then it's probably on the list. If a couple of dozen do, not so much. Cybersecurity credentials typically rise to the top of the list, but cloud identity management provider Okta is the king of the 2020 Salary Survey hill: Its Okta Certified Consultant credential tops the list with an avarage annual salary among survey respondents of $161,410.


Oracle Certification Reminds You to Keep Kickin' SaaS


Cloud computing maybe hasn't swallowed the IT industry whole, but it often feels that we're headed in that direction. Accordingly, cloud computing certification sometimes struggles to keep pace with the explosive growth of cloud technology itself. A new post last week to the Oracle Certification Blog poses the timely question, "It's a new year. Is it time for you to update your skills?" In particular, blogger Brandye Barrington is focused of the relatively recent release, in September of last year, of the 2019 versions of Oracle's cloud computing certification exams. These new exams replaced the prior batch of cloud certification exams from all way back in ... 2018. Yikes! While it's fairly commonplace in the IT certification realm for credentials to expire after a three-year term, there aren't many that need to be renewed after a single year. Well, OK, there's a bit more breathing room than that: as clarified by Barrington, Oracle's cloud certs are valid for 18 months from the date that you earn the credential. But that still cuts the usual recertification timeline in half.


ISACA Blogger Encourages Good Cybersecurity Hygiene


Speaking, as we have been, of it being a new year and all — for reals, people, 2019 is so eight days ago — cybersecurity analyst and guest blogger Amy Diestler took to the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and governance association ISACA earlier this week to encourage you to set a goal to have better cybersecurity hygiene in 2020. It's been widely (and repeatedly) observed that fallible humans are the weakest link in any cybersecurity scheme, but as Diestler points out, that hasn't stopped many people from continuing to fail to play their part. For example, she writes, most of us fall into the trap (not necessarily fatal in every instance) of using free or public wifi to do stuff online. As Diestler notes in concluding her post, "Human error continues to be the biggest weakness in cybersecurity, but you never know when a New Year’s resolution might actually stick."


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