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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 1)

Books — Eh. Who Needs Them?


Is it time to move on from books as a study aid?A provocative post to the IT and Technical Tranining blog over at business learning commentator Training Industry asks whether books are still an important educational tool. That is to say, when students or professionals want to learn something new, how often do they use books as a primary component of whatever learning pathway they are on? It turns out that recent data shows that book learning is by no means in danger of fading from sight. Apparently reports of the death of the printed word have been greatly exaggerated. Blogger Jim Zimmerman writes that books often play a role even in situations where another means of learning is given first preference. For example, many people often rely on reading to reinforce what they learn from instructor-led courses. Don't throw away your library card, in other words. Zimmerman rounds out his discussion of the topic by providing advice for people who want to maximize the effectiveness of learning from books, so if you're preparing to study up for a certification exam, or need to brush up skills for some other reason, then it's worth clicking over to read what he has to say.


CompTIA Touts Top-Paying Certs


We'll round out this week's report the way we began it, with a nod to an IT certification salary list-maker. Tech training provider Global Knowledge released its annual IT Skills and Salary Report in the middle of last summer, but here we are at the beginning of, yes, a new year, so the IT Career News blog of tech industry association is going back to the well with a post touting Global Knowledge's top-paying certifications. Two of those top-salaried certs, at least in the United States, are CompTIA credentials: Security+ and Network+. If you missed out on hearing about the IT Skills and Salary Report the first time it was news, then this is good opportunity to catch up with some of the highlights.


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