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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 11)

CompTIA Awards Scholarships to 10 'Rising Stars' of IT


CompTIA is giving scholarship money to 10 "Rising Stars" of IT.Across more or less every sector of the IT realm, there's broad agreement that one of the most critical challenges facing the entire industry is the urgent need to attract young minds and flexible fingers. The next generation of computer code, after all, isn't going to write itself. Tech industry association CompTIA, as part of its Student Membership Program, is actively boosting interest in technology careers by passing out scholarships to students who are pushing themselves to embark on IT careers. The 10 "Rising Stars" designated to receive $2000 each toward their technology education are:


● Jedediah Adams — Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi
● Cynthia Armstrong — Western Governors University
● Dorothy Eves — University of Cincinnati
● Martin Haller — Western Governors University
● Dawson Leach — Cowley College/University of Central Oklahoma
● Methembe Moyo — LeMoyne-Owen College
● Joshua Oltarzewski — Harford Community College
● Jon Pineda — Arizona State University
● Kenneth Proctor Jr. — University of Maryland
● Brandon Staple — University of Colorado Denver


CompTIA has included a brief bio of each of the 10 students. It's a nice tribute to students who have committed to pitching in to solve the next generation of technology challenges.


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