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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 22)

Microsoft Investigates What Makes Certified Trainers Tick


What makes Microsoft Certified Trainers tick?There's a lot of interest in the IT certification world about invididuals who get certifications, but we don't often stop to think about or cater to the people who help that come to pass. Microsoft is pushing back against the tide a bit with a new series or blog posts that contain the wit and wisdom of people who help other people get certified. In particular, the series will focus on Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs), or IT experts who are certified in the fine art of teach Microsoft technology and skills to others. The first article in the series features three such individuals: Julian Sharp, a Microsoft Power platform trainer; Beth Burrell, who teaches Dynamics 365 customer engagement; and Brandon Ahmad, who tackles the finance and operations aspects of Dynamics 365. You maybe have to be a bit of a certification nerd to really go for something like this, but the article is also peppered with nuggets of wisdom from all three trainers that could come in handy the next time that you have a certification exam bearing down on you.


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