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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 29)

Certification Providers Are Suddenly Feeling Good About Online Exams


Taking certification exams at home may soon become the norm.For a variety of reasons, most of them at least tangentially involving exam security, certification providers have, in the past, largely and collectively been opposed to the notion of online certification testing. It's hard enough to box out cheaters and exam pirates (people who take an exam for the purposes of gathering and selling information about its contents) when certification candidates are required to go to a physical location to take the exam in person. Exams are costly to create and typically represent an enormous investment of both time and money. The author of a new article from the July issue of Certification Magazine, on the other hand, speculates that pandemic disruption may soon have most, if not all, certification providers singing a different tune. The IT certification industry has been gradually moving in the direction of online testing for a number of years. Peter Manijak, a longtime board member of the Computer Education Management Association (CEdMA), writes that COVID-19 has almost certainly accelerated that transformation, and that the fast-appearing changes are likely to become permanent. Manijak states that he himself has long harbored concerns about the viability of online certification exams, but that he's become converted. It seems likely that many others are soon to follow.


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