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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 4)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA prepares to overhaul two key security certifications, IT employment facilitator Dice identifies top tech careers and cities, and more.

Trends in Cybersecurity to Impact CompTIA Credentials


What are the top emerging cybersecurity trends?It's a big cybersecurity year for tech industry association CompTIA. Most of CompTIA's popular IT credentials are on a three-year renewal cycle, which means that it's time for both the Security+ and Cybsecurity Analyst (CySA+) certifications to get a top-to-bottom overhaul. The point of reviewing and updating certification exams is to keep them current, of course, so that the skills certified don't wind up out of step with the current job market. With the new CySA+ exam due in April, and the new Security+ exam coming in October, CompTIA director of products Patrick Lane — who manages the CySA+, PenTest+, and CASP certs — took to the IT Career News blog this week to offer a sneak peek at some of the emerging cybersecurity wrinkles that will exert influence on the content of the revamped exams. For example, the snowballing impact of cloud computing is affecting cybersecurity along with everything else. There are also new laws and regulations to account for, as well as the increasing scope and complexity of cybersecurity incident response. All in all, Lane considers six area of cybersecurity evolution that will reshape the certification landscape.


There's Still Time to Take and Pass the Old Cisco Exams


Sticking to the realm of certification overhauls for a moment, the countdown clock ticking away the weeks and days until Cisco wipes out its current certification regime (and installs a wholly new scheme) is getting close to the zero hour. On the other hand, certifications completed before Feb. 24 will remain valid over the normal term (three years), so there's a fairly strong incentive to cross the finish line — at least as long as you're already coming around the final turn. Cisco executive Joe Clarke is cheering on the finishers in a recent post to the Talking Tech with Cisco blog over at Cisco Learning Network. Clarke is basically making the same pitch to certification candidates that Sammy Hagar once expressed to, er, somone in that one Van Halen song: "Come on, baby, finish what ya started." Clarke's focus is specific to the professional-level CCNP certifications, but the five key rationales that he outlines for those wondering whether to go ahead and seal the deal can be broadly applied to all of the other on-the-brink Cisco credentials. If you're close to wrapping up your current Cisco certification and could use some extra motivation, check out Clarke's post.


New CertMag Certification Survey Needs Your Reponses


If it seems like the team at Certification Magazine just barely got done disclosing the big picture details of their annual Salary Survey, well, yeah, that's true. Some might ask, "How can there be another survey already?" As the noted astrophysicist Steve Perry once observed, however, "The wheel in the sky keeps on turning," and the next CertMag survey is now upon us. Are you a certified web design or web development professional? If so, then it may interest you to know that CertMag craves your input for its Web Design and Development Certification Survey, which launched earlier this month and will unspool through the end of February.


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