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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 41)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Skillsoft and Global Knowledge are joining forces in an IT training mega-merger, Certification Magazine snakes into programming, and more.

Skillsoft Swallows Up Global Knowledge


There is always a bigger fish.As Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn once informed young Obi-Wan Kenobi, "There is always a bigger fish." A series of business transactions announced this week provides a real-world illustration of Qui-Gon's metaphorical meaning. First, international IT training provider Skillsoft (based in New Hampshire), four months after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, entered into the latest of a long series of business ownership and acquisition transactions, announcing its intention to merge with acquisitions firm Churchill Capital Corp II. At the same time, Skillsoft announced that it has completed arrangements to acquire direct competitor Global Knowledge. The former rivals will be combined and operate under the Skillsoft label, adding clout, resources, and a large base of existing customers to a brand that is already among the best-known in the industry. As expressed in a press release announcing the changes, "The combined company intends to significantly increase its scale through organic growth and acquisitions and extend its leadership position as the industry’s largest and most profitable digital learning company."


Cybersecurity Professionals: No Standing Still


"No rest for the weary" is more than just an aphorism to men and women in the cybersecurity field. There are (still) not nearly enough skilled cybersecurity professionals to provide both the IT industry and the much wider global economic realm with all of expertise that is presently in demand — and there are few indications of immediate relief on the horizon. A new post the ISACA Now blog of cybersecurity and IT governance association ISACA both empathizes with frazzled and overworked IT professionals and counsels them to buckle up. Post author Dustin Brewer, the "principal futurist" at ISACA, predicts that cybersecurity challenges and hardships will only increase, and that diligent professionals must constantly learn and adapt.


The Warping Effect of COVID-19 on the Cybersecurity Landscape


There has been plenty of devastation wreaked by the COVID-19 pandemic, but some of its collateral effects have understandably flown somewhat beneath the radar. One area where experts are increasingly sounding the alarm, however, is across the cybersecurity realm. A new post to the official blog of tech industry sssociation CompTIA takes a lenghty tour through the various danger zones to inspect the damage and predict what could lie ahead. For example, social engineering attacks are now frequently pandemic-adjacent, with hackers offering tempting false links to news about vaccines or other scientific research. Phishing e-mails that purport to be from the World Heatlth Organization (WHO) or other pandemic-related official agencieshave popped up all over. And that's just how the war is changing on one front. Exposure to formerly secure business networks from workers now stationed at home has also become a major problem (and could get worse down the road). Looks like there's lots of work ahead for the exhausted cybersecurity professionals discussed above.


Python is Taking Over the Programming Jungle


Reticulated python in the wildThere are literally hundreds of programming languages out there, but only one that has a Benevolent Dictator for Life. And that's probably not even the quirkiest thing about Python, which was named not for an exotic reptile, but in honor of British comedy troupe Monty Python. If you're curious about Python, which has quickly become a popular and widely used language, then there's a good article (linked above) that gives a wide-ranging rundown of its origins, history, and current application over at, the official website of Certification Magazine.


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