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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 5)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, we examine competing lists of the top tech skills for 2020, Certification Magazine offers employment advice for designers, and more.

Training Industry Identifies the Top Tech Skills of 2020


SQL is one of the most requested IT skills of 2020.We're into the second month of 2020 now, but it's still a new-ish year, and definitely still new in the sense of offering opportunities to learn new skills and adopt new IT certification and training goals. If you're still attempting to set your certification and training compass for 2020, then you may be interested to learn about a new post to the IT and Technical Training blog at Training Industry. Citing data from various sources, blogger Brianna Rivera identifies the five most sought-after IT skill sets. At the top of the list is proficiency in SQL, or Structured Query Language, the core component of database management systems. As you'd expect, a majority of the job roles that require this skill are data-centric — data analysts, data modelers, database developers, database administrators, data scientists — but Rivera points out that SQL skills can also be applied to marketing, retail, and finance. The other top skills areas identified are Python, machine learning, React, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you're looking for a new learning or training emphasis in 2020, then there's a lot of good information to be gleaned here.


Dice Identifies the Top Tech Skills of 2020


Lest you suppose that there's only one source of opinion on this topic, IT employment facilitator Dice has also drummed up a new list of top tech skills for 2020. Dice blogger Nick Kolakowski also gives prominence of position to SQL, a skill that is requested in more than 28,000 current IT job postings. That leads the No. 2 skill on the Dice list, Java, by nearly 5,000 job postings. What's that you say? Why yes, the listmakers are at odds apart from agreeing that SQL is the bee's knees. Kolakowski does list Python, but ranks it sixth (out of 17), and doesn't find room for machine learning, React, or AWS. Kolakowski's post also includes a ranked list of top tech occupations, with "software developer/engineer" way out in front, followed by "network engineer," "systems engineer," "Java developer/engineer" and "application developer/engineer," and "software QA engineer/tester." (Know what the hot IT hiring buzzword of 2020 is? We can't say for 100 percent certain, but we're getting a strong vibe that it's "engineer.") "Computer support specialist" and "IT project manager" are the first non-engineer occupations to make the list.


CompTIA: There's Gold in Them Thar IT Hills


Several tech writers have been mining the 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report from Global Knowledge for nuggets of information over the past couple of months. This week, blogger David Engle sifts data from the Skills and Salary Report over at what was formerly the IT Career News blog, but is now just the capital-B Blog of tech industry association CompTIA. Engle cites data from the report showing that IT salaries are on the rise and then runs through some of the drivers that seem to be influencing that trend. For example, the members of one segment of survey respondents believe that adding new IT skills (Seen anything else about that lately?) to their repertoires helped them climb to new salary heights.


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