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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 6)

IT Professionals Want to Express Their Creativity


Creativity in IT is important to tech pros.Competition for qualified IT professionals is fierce across all sectors of the information technology realm. Finding ways to keep employees satisfied in their jobs is becoming increasingly important as demand for tech skills continue to outstrip supply. According to new research by tech employment facilitator Dice, one potentially underrated perk that many tech professionals are looking for is the bandwidth to pursue and implement creative solutions to IT challenges. Dice blogger Nick Kowalski says that creativity is strongly tied to career satisfaction. A recent survey conducted by Dice of some 12,800 technology professionals found that 26 percent of survey respondents who anticipate changing employers in the next 12 months want to have more opportunity to express their creativity. Not, Kowalski points out, in the traditional sense of dabbling in artistic pursuits like, say, painting or writing — creativity in the IT realm generally refers to improving and refining existing processes and solutions. In other words, tech pros want to have the freedom to tinker and explore, rather than just stick to established methods.


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