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Certification Watch (Vol. 23, No. 7)

CBT Nuggets Endorses Amazon Web Services Certification


Learn cloud computing from ground up with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential.Speaking of clout-atious cloud computing certifications, IT training provider CBT Nuggets thinks that you should get an Amazon Web Services certification — before you do anything else in IT. In particular, the braintrust at the CBT Nuggets Blog thinks that anyone planning to work in IT should get the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. Given that cloud computing is more or less directly involved in nearly every facet of modern IT work, the Nuggets team think that anyone planning to work in IT can create an important career springboard by developing a solid grasp of cloud fundamentals. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is the credential of choice because of Amazon's dominating cloud computing market share. As the only foundation-level cert in the AWS certification portfolio, Certified Cloud Practitioner covers all of the need-to-know basics that apply to AWS in particular, and cloud computing in general.


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