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Certification Watch, Vol. 24, Issue 1

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Certification Magazine unveils a new Salary Survey 75 list, Microsoft has tips to help IT learners stay motivated, and more.

New Salary Survey 75 List from Certification Magazine


There's a new CertMag Salary Survey 75 list.If 75 IT certifications got together in Hollywood to have brunch at Chateau Marmont, then it would probably not be the ones included on the Salary Survey 75 list issued annually by Certification Magazine. It's not really that kind of list. Each year between August and December, thousands of IT professionals line up to complete a survey that includes hundreds (pretty close to a thousand, actually) of IT certifications. The list is drawn from whichever certifications are held by the largest numbers of survey respondents. The credentials that make the list are then ranked by the average base salary of U.S. credential holders. So if a whole lot of people who are WXYZ certified take the survey, then WXYZ will probably make the list. If most of them make about $50,000 per year, on the other hand, then it probably won't be very near the top. At any rate, this week saw the arrival of a new list (linked above), headlined by the Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) credential offered by cybersecurity professional association (ISC)², which displaces last year's No. 1, Okta Certified Consultant. Don't feel too bad for cloud identity provider Okta, however  — Okta Certified Developer is the new No. 2. The fun begins all over again in the fall, so stick a mental pin in mid-to-late August and check back then for the next Salary Survey.


CompTIA Offers Tips to Boost Your Tech Career in 2021


The bloom of the 2021 rose is still lustrous, luxuriant, and luminous. We've barely taken our first steps into the New Year, and there's still plenty of time to formulate and activate goals to advance your personal growth and career development. Tech industry association CompTIA has some handy advice on that front, set forth in a new post this week to the official CompTIA blog. Blogger Jessalynne Madden explains that you can turbocharge your achievement arc with a double dose of preparation that will fuel a "learn to earn" (our turn of phrase, not hers) action item. In a nutshell, Madden recommends that you write a statement of purpose, create a career advancement map, and then add some IT certifications to your CV to burnish your employment prospects. It's worth taking the time to drop in on her post, get the details, and then get to work.


Linux Foundation Offers Free 'Introduction to WebAssembly' Course


One way to advance your career without putting a dent in your wallet is to take advantage of the free education offerings that abound in the IT realm. Some are only conditionally free — there's no charge to participate in the class, but you pay for a credential at the end of it — but many are the "no strings attached" variety of free. A new course offering from The Linux Foundation falls into the former category, but it's certainly worth a look. The course combines written materials, video content, and hands-on labs across a six-hour window to help you take a feet-first plunge into the nuts and bolts of WebAssembly, which The Linux Foundation rates as being the fourth "official" language of the web, alongside JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Interested parties can take the course for free, and pay $149 for a certificate of completion if desired.


Keep the Fire Burning While You Are Learning


Don't get bogged down while pursuing your latest learning journey.Whether you're working on a certification or taking a free course, there can be a tendency to sag in the middle. The initial energy of starting something new has worn off, while the complications and challenges of making the magic happen are starting to pile up. It's a conundrum that is part and parcel of almost every learning journey. If you've found yourself getting bogged down while pursuing your latest learning endeavor, then some free advice from Microsoft's Karina Ung could grease the gears. In a new post to the Microsoft Learn Blog, Ung offers tips for staying motivated while engaged in the pursuit of new knowledge and skills. Some of her advice is specific to aspects of Microsoft Learn, the training and certification arm of Microsoft, but much of what she discusses can provide guidance down many different learning paths.


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