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Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 12

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA prepares to launch a data analytics certification, ISACA teams up Cloud Security Alliance to offer a cloud auditing certificate, and more.

CompTIA to Bolster Certification Portfolio with Data Analytics Offering


CompTIA will launch a news data analytics certification in 2022.A post this week to the official blog of tech industry association CompTIA drops the bomb that a new credential is being added to the popular "+" lineup of certs that already covers the information technology (IT) realm from the A in A+ to, um, the Y in CySA+. (There is nary a Z to be found in the CompTIA canon at this point in time.) The new certification is the headline of blogger Eileen Ristau Tauchman's post, but you have to go about two-thirds of the way down the page to get to the big news: "Next year, CompTIA is launching a new data analytics certification, CompTIA Data+. It validates the data analytics skills and talent organizations need to fuel innovation." That gives us a name (the elegantly simple and descriptive "Data+") and a timeline that, since we're only in March, is still disappointingly down the road. Really, CompTIA? You got us all excited about your new certification ... that isn't even going to be available until 2022. When the vague date of debut does finally materialize — next year could mean like, anything up to and including Dec. 31, 2022 and still be accurate — Data+ will be built around four core data-centric domains: Data Concepts and Environments, Data Mining, Data Analysis, and Visualization.


Teacher's Pet: Microsoft Gives ILT Shout-Out


A lot of IT professionals, whether seasoned experts or eager novices, prefer to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge by self-directed means such as reading books, watching videos, messing around in homegrown or virtual computer labs, or completing self-guided online courses. Most people, on the other hand, start their lifelong learning journey in schoolhouse classrooms under the guidance of a teacher. And that's still an option for adults in the workplace, as detailed in a new post to the Microsoft Learn Blog. Blogger Karina Ung, a senior product marketing manager at Microsoft Learn, discusses why instructor-led training is a great point of entry to new subjects for people who learn best by having someone else explain things to them.


Chicken-Salad ... Certification?


Nobody want things to be half-baked in life, especially when it comes to food preparation, and double especially when the food preparation involves meat. The general public's well-conditioned fear of salmonellosis (the upset stomach, fever, pain, etc., caused by salmonella and generally labeled "food poisoning) is a metaphorical jumping off point for a discussion of the importance of evaluation in certification in an article from the January print edition of Certification Magazine, which recently became available at, the official Certification Magazine website. Brandi Einhorn, the Evaluation and Certification Manager at NetApp, tackles the perception that learning without testing is sufficient to advance the skills of busy IT professionals. She also succeeded in making us hungry for some dinner — or maybe that was just the person who selected the lead photo that accompanies the article online. (Yum.)


ISACA and Cloud Security Alliance Launch New Cloud Credential


ISACA and Cloud Security Alliance are launching a new cloud auditing credential.It's been a busy month of March for cybersecurity and IT governance professional association ISACA, which just released its first-ever associate-level certification. Now, ISACA has teamed up with Cloud Security Alliance to release a cloud-centered auditing credential: Certification of Cloud Auditing Knowledge (CCAK). As outlined in the press release announcing the new credential: "CCAK delivers the best possible solution for effective cloud assessment and auditing by preparing IT and security professionals to ensure internal requirements are fulfilled and the right controls are in place; mitigate the risks and costs of audit management and penalties for non-compliance; and lead their organization through successful cloud adoption and management while retaining customer trust." Cloud Security Alliance has a history of helping other organizations do the legwork for major cloud credential launches: Six years ago, CSA partnered with (ISC)² to launch the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification.


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