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Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 24

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA unleashes the newest version of its Cloud+ certification, ISACA sings a song of stackable certifications, and more.

CompTIA Launches Updated Cloud+ Certification


CompTIA launched the new version of Cloud+ on June 9.

There were clouds of white in the sky of blue that the immortal Louis Armstrong sang about in 1967. In 2021, the world's most eagerly discussed clouds are figurative and they don't really have a color, though the banks of servers that the bear the cloud nickname are often depicted by stock photographers as shedding a blue glow all around. Blue clouds?! Sing it, Louis — "And I think to myself, what a crazy, messed-up world." (Too true, Mr. Armstrong. Too true.) One thing that still makes sense is tech industry association CompTIA's consistent push to improve and upgrade its widely respected catalog of information technology (IT) certifications. The latest credential to get a full CompTIA makeover is Cloud+, the newest version of which appeared last week. If you're wondering what the deal is (the deal is that CompTIA updates its IT certifications every few years to keep pace with changing technology), then there's a new post to the official CompTIA blog that explains IT all. (Do you see what we just did there?) The latest version of Cloud+ has five knowledge domains and includes expanded coverage of the following topics: high availability; automation and virtualization; and cloud architecture. Cloud technology has seeped into all areas of IT these days, so whether you're an experienced IT pro, or a relative newcomer, Cloud+ has the potential to be an important addition to your IT CV.


IBM Cloud Solutions Expert Touts Certification


Speaking of getting all of the cloud skills that you need to keep your IT career on track, there's a recent video post shared at the IBM Training and Skills Blog that could help motivate you to kick your own cloud training and certification journey into gear. IBM cloud guru Emma Dinkins discusses her own cloud certification experioence, and here's the money quote: "I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to grow their skills in cloud: Get certification!" That's says it all. (No, not literally. The video is 90 seconds long, and it only takes Emma a couple of seconds to say that one quote.) Go watch the video! You'll be inspired.


Kickin' IT: Software Professionals Relax and Unwind ... How, Exactly?


It's nearly as important as anything else in IT employment to have a means of stepping away from the job to relax and unwind. (We've been tooting that horn in our recent series of articles under the banner "Work on Your Wellness.") Most workers in the industry understand on some level the importance of climbing down from the typically busy hamster wheel to clear their heads and recharge their batteries. But what's the best way to accomplished that needed replenishing? A new post to the Insights blog of IT employment facilitator Dice considers the responses from from a group of professional software developers surveyed by HackerEarth. The top four answers, in order: walking, music, movies and TV, and naps. Those all sound like solid options to us. Check out the article and see what you think.


ISACA: Beat Back the Skills Gap with Stackable Certifications


ISACA is reaching out to IT noobs with its stackable certs.Many employers and probably most aspiring IT professionals are more or less settled in their thinking when it comes to the somewhat confounding question of where the much-needed next generation of IT professionals will be getting their training from: That's what colleges and universities are for. Right? A new post to the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and IT governance association ISACA argues that highed education provides some of what incoming tech professionals will need to thrive in the modern IT sphere — but not all of it. Guest blogger Nader Qaimari, ISACA's chief product officer, thinks there's a missing ingredient that starts with "c" and ends with "ertification." In particular, Qaimari is speaking up for the new "stackable" certifications that have recently been added to the esteemed ISACA certification program: Information Technology Certified Associate (ITCA) and Certified in Emerging Technology (CET). A lot of certification programs have been adding entry-level credentials of late, designed to create a welcome mat of sorts for those who have strong computer knowledge, but limited application of that knowledge, Expert-level credentials may get the headlines, but the ongoing shift to welcoming in newcomers may be what actually bridges the gap between aspiring professionals and full-time employment.


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