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Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 25

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, IBM wants everyone to get a digital badge, CompTIA tells you which cybersecurity certification are the "best" of 2021, and more.

IBM Has Digital Badges for Everyone (Who Passes a Training Course)


IBM is offering dozens of new digital badges to individuals who complete its skills training courses.It's been a year or two since digital badging was on the tip of every tongue in the IT certification realm, but the formerly trending topic has hardly been forgotten. Many certification programs have made particular use of badging as a mean of recongnizing not-quite-certification-level accomplishments in IT learning. IBM tumbled head-over-heels into that corner of badging this week with the announcement that it has teamed up with online learning facilitator edX to offer more than 60 different skill badges. Those badges will be made available to individuals who complete an IBM training course on edX. The current rollout follows on the heels of a successful pilot program that saw more than 8,700 badges claimed after IBM and edX launched five badgeable courses in April. IBM has served up a smorgasbord of learning via edX, with 23 new skills development courses launched just this year.


Remote Work Policies Force Difficult Decision from IT Employees


Should I stay or should I go? It's a hit song by The Clash, and also a question that is apparently on the minds of many IT workers. The global (and ongoing) COVID-19 pandemic forced many such technologists to spend much of 2020 working from home, a trend that, for many, has carried over into 2021. Employers have largely facilitated the desire on the part of many to make remote work policies permanent, but not everyone is happy with the policy that her or his employer has outlined. That's the gist of a fascinating survey covered in a new post to the Insights blog of IT employment facilitator Dice. The survey, conducted by research firm Blind, asked IT workers at leading tech companies whether their employer's attitude toward working from home is a) satisfactory, or b) has them in a "one foot out the door" frame of mine. It's worth clicking over to Dice — you can go from there to Blind for the truly deep dish details — just to peruse the snapshot graphic that shows how 50 different employers fared.s


CompTIA Serves Up 'Best of 2021' Sampler of Cybersecurity Certs


There are definitely days when it feels like God created IT certification solely for the purpose or providing fodder to the makers of lists that endlessly carry out the search for the ten best (it's almost always somehwere around that number) of this or that type of credential. This week it's cybersecurity, which has been put under the "best of" microscope over at the official blog of tech industry association CompTIA. CompTIA's criteria for citing "best of," in this instance, is data from the Global Knowledge 2020 Skills and Salary Report. In particular, the cybersecurity certs christened by CompTIA are those that Global Knowledge data shows to be a) the most widely held, b) the highest-salaried, and c) the most likely to factor into the current and future certification plans of IT workers. The big winners are a "usual suspects" roll call — CISSP, CISA, CRISC, CISM, Security+ — but blogger Jessalynne Madden has a lot to say about each, so especially cybersecurity newcomers will benefit from checking out her roundup.


Microsoft Learn: IT Certification Can Help You Build Confidence


Certification can help you bounce back!Here at Certification Watch, there's nothing that melts our ice cold heart like a story of using IT certification to overcome the vicissitudes of life. This week, that story is from the good folks over at the Microsoft Learn Blog. The star of the story is one Ricardo Lessa, who had established a thriving entrepreneurial career in IT prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year. Suddenly in need of new employment, Ricardo rebounded by grabbing up a fistful of Microsoft certifications and embarking on an entirely new IT career path. The best part of the blog post is a two-minute video that lets Ricardo tell his story in his own words. Folks, good things happen to those who get certified.


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