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Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 26

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CBT Nuggets has a word to say about tech industry salaries, Certiport is firing up a new line of IT certification exams for beginners, and more.

CBT Nuggets Has a Few Words to Say About IT Salaries


IT salaries can be hard to pinpoint.IT training provider CBT Nuggets took up some space on its official blog this week with an item that assesses the career prospects of desktop support technicians. In particular, the CBT Nuggets team provides a carefully researched "honest" picture of the salaries that desktop support technicians can expect to earn. The sentiment captured in the word "honest" — which is right up in the headline of blog post — is a common one among the frequently skeptical IT certification commentariat. There are lots of sources for IT salary information online, and most of them, far from pulling numbers out of a hat, rely on firsthand reporting by certified IT professionals. That data, however, is often skewed by the fact that the individuals who tend to participate in such surveys are often settled career professionals who have been accruing salary for years, or even decades. What's interesting about this particular CBT Nuggets item is that it takes a more or less directly opposite approach, gleaning information about salary from job postings: what employers are actually offering to pay, in other words, as opposed to what a select cross section of generally secure and experienced proffesionals are earning. The side-eyed accusation is not so much that other sources of IT salary information are being deceitful or peddling false information, as that they often paint a picture that leads industry newcomers to form false hopes of immediate wealth. Most people who work in IT do end up cashing fat paychecks — but only those with highly specialized skills do so from the start.


Getting a Certification is Like Climbing a Mountain


It's frequently observed of IT certification that gaining knowledge, developing skills, and eventually passing a certification exam is a process best tackled in stages. There's a prevailing wisdom of eating the whale one bite at a time, to use a common metaphor. The latest fount that this wisdom is flowing from is the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and IT governance association ISACA. That's where guest blogger Ben Hentschel, who got the highest passing score on ISACA's Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) during the 2020 exam period, compares getting a certification to climbing a mountain. As Hentschel himself observes (while introducing his topic), the proceed-in-stages method he's describing can be applied to any certification journey. If you're struggling to scale your own certification summit, then it could be worth your time to surf over and get some tips from an experienced mountaineer.


Cheaters Never Prosper (Eventually)


Most people in the IT certification realm agree that cheating is wrong and cheaters should be shot on sight. OK, that's not true — please don't shoot anyone, either for cheating or on any other account. (Certification Watch does not actually endorse the discharge of firearms in defense of the sanctity of certification.) Cheating to pass a certification exams is both morally wrong and damaging, however, and it's not only the cheater who ultimately suffers. Tech industry association CompTIA tackled this perennially tough topic on its official blog this week, via a post provocatively titled (in part) "How to Cheat on CompTIA A+ and Security+ Exams." It's an important message for everyone connected to IT certification whether or not you've ever been tempted to pull a fast one. The more people who understand the full extent of the damage that certification cheating does — and who can pass that message along — the better off certification will be for all of us.


Certiport Launches New Certification Exams for IT Newcomers


Certiport is launching new credentials for IT newcomers.The past few years in the certification realm have witnessed a flurry of activity around "beginner" certifications, or credentials that teach basic IT concepts and skills to help students, recent graduates, and career-switchers lay the foundation for a successful career in IT. IT training and certification provider Certiport beefed up its portfolio of entry-level offerings this week with the announcement of three new Information Technology Specialist (IT Specialist) credentials. The new IT Specialist certs are concentrated on three red-hot areas of evolving technology: artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and computational thinking. The new exams will be available later this year in October and December.


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