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Certification Watch, Vol. 24, Issue 34

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, (ISC)² elects to go all-virtual with Security Congress, do IT workers prefer to work at companies that are large or small, and more.

(ISC)² Elects to Suspend In-Person Security Congress


There will be no in-person component of (ISC)²'s annual Security Congress this year.With COVID-19's Delta variant driving rising case counts all across the United States, (ISC)² made a difficult call this week. After planning to stage its annual Security Congress event in Orlando (in Florida, where the Delta surge has hit particularly hard) this year, while also inviting participants to join in the festivities via streaming video, event organizers called an audible this week. As of earlier today, Security Congress 2021 will now be an all-virtual event, staged entirely remotely following the pattern established by last year's event. (ISC)² CEO Clar Rosso said in a statement announcing the shift that prioritizing the health and safety of all persons involved in Security Congress drove the decision. "With the continued prevalence of COVID-19, we knew this pivot was a possibility," Rosso said. "Our team is ready to deliver a dynamic digital experience, building on our 2020 success that drew almost 6,000 online attendees. We look forward to seeing everyone at our world-class, online Security Congress this October." (ISC)² will devote its next Inside (ISC)² webinar, at 1 p.m. on Aug. 31, to providing additional information about Security Congress 2021, and will answer questions from audience members at the conclusion of the broadcast.


Do Virtual Conferences Suck, or Are They Better Than In-Person Events?


Speaking of virtual attendance at industry gatherings, almost everyone who participated in a major IT conference or convention in 2020 got a firsthand look-see at what it's like to join in on workshops, keynote addresses, panel discussions, networking mixers, and more when there's not a central location where everyone has gathered in person. Over at, the official website of Certification Magazine, there's an article from the summer issue of the magazine that looks back at 2020 and makes a pro-con breakdown of everything that virtual gatherings do and do not have to offer. Tech writer Nathan Kimpel (a periodic contributor here at GoCertify) has a largely pro-in-person outlook, so it's particularly interesting to hear him discuss the ways that virtual conferences and conventions may actually improve upon the prevailing model, which has more or less been the standard for as long as the IT industry has held conferences and conventions. COVID-19 may have established a new model that persists even after in-person gatherings are deemed 100 percent safe, so it's worth taking the time to think about everything virtual conferences have to offer, and how they might be improved.


CompTIA Touts Tools to Help IT Pros Manage Their Careers


IT professionals have busy, often stressful lives, with a menu of commitments and complications that would challenge the smooth-operating mojo of even the best-organized individual. It's OK to feel a little (or even a lot) overwhelmed from time to time, but there are plenty of tools out there to help those who are struggling to keep up. A new post to the official blog of tech industry association CompTIA shines a spotlight on four productivity and personal organization apps that can help ease the burden of getting stuff done. For example, you can use Clockify to master your tracking and time management. Clockify helps both individuals and managers track the progress of team projects and keep track of responsibilities and individual progress. Guest blogger Silvana Carpineanu has suggestions for apps that improve communications, assist with collaboration, and more. If you've ever found yourself looking around at your busy life and feeling like tearing your hair out, or even if you're just a bit scatterbrained, then you'll probably something here that could make things function more smoothly.


Do IT Workers Gravitate Toward Big Corporations or Small to Midsize Employers?


How many people work at your place of IT employment?Do you get a birthday card from the CEO, or a note from HR on your birthday? When you drive to work, do you have a space across the street, or a slot in parking garage? There are telltale indicators large and small in any IT professional's workaday existence that reveal whether he or she probably has several dozen coworkers ... or several thousand. So where do most IT professionals work? There's not a single clear-cut answer, or at least not according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, which gathered data about more than 55,000 individuals. There does seem to be a lot of heat around the high end of the "small business" spectrum and the initial tier of the "midsize" range. About 40 percent of the Stack Overflow survey's respondents have either between 20 and 99 coworkers (21.3 percent of those surveyed) or between 100 and 499 coworkers (17.5 percent). What's the situation like where you work?


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