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Certification Watch, Vol. 24, Issue 35

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, IBM strongly encourages you to build up your cybersecurity skills portfolio, CompTIA maps out your network security analyst journey, and more.

Don't Fear the Reaper, Fear the Future ... of Cybersecurity


Demand for cybersecurity expertise is booming.Everyone whose life touches information technology (IT) or the IT industry has been affected by a breakdown in cybersecurity. You may be thinking, "Huh, I haven't been affected," but you're almost certainly wrong — even if you don't know it yet. Do you have a credit card, or perhaps more than one? Remember the Equifax breach just four yeard ago, when private credit records belonging to millions of individuals worldwide (including more than 147 million Americans) were exposed? Just sayin'. IBM knows all about that shiver that just ran down your spine, and a new post to the IBM Training and Skills blog this weeks sounds a clarion call for the next generation of cybersecurity specialists, whoever and wherever they are, to get cracking on their skills development. Blogger Sonia Malik notes that the ever-rising cost of cybercrime expected to hit $6 trillion globally by the end of 2021, a 50 percent increase from 2020. That's quite a chunk of change. Malik has some suggestions, and at least one of them, perhaps not surprisingly, involves IBM's free SkillsBuild learning platform. If you haven't heard about SkillsBuild, then that may be the real find for both aspiring and current IT professionals: IBM has a free online platform to help teens and adults build up their IT skills. Did we mention that it's free of charge? SkillsBuild offers programs tailored to students, educators, job seekers, and even organizations. Cybersecurity hiring demand is more or less permanent at this point, so if you want to skill up into a high-demand career, then this could be a great place to start.


So You Want to Be a Network Security Specialist


Speaking of high-demand job titles along the cybersecurity career path, how much do you know about what a network security specialist does, and how you might become one? It turns out that tech industry association CompTIA has a career blueprint that can get you rolling down the path to full-time employment in this high-demand cybersecurity niche. Computer networks are one of the most essential elements of modern social and industrial infrastructure, and providing cybersecurity support and assurance for computer networks is crucial. Believe it or not, there's a trio of CompTIA certifications that can provide the background and knowledge you need to enter the field: Network+, Security+, and PenTest+. Blogger Emily Matzelle notes that the medial annual salary for network security specialists in the United States is $84,810. There's plenty of other good information in her article for anyone who likes the sound of that.


Microsoft Spotlights More Successes of Certified IT Professionals


The #ProudToBeCertified series that pops up periodically over at the Microsoft Learn Blog is a favorite of ours. It's always enjoyable to read about IT professionals who are succeeding through certification, as well as hear them discuss the impact of certification in their own words. The latest addition to the series appeared this week, and features two individuals, Tammy Schwark and Charles-Henri Sauget. The post includes a YouTube video featuring Schwark, but Sauget doesn't get to speak for himself. If you need an IT certification pick-me-up, then click on over and have a look.


Is Satellite Internet Making an Evolutionary Leap?

Is satellite internet about to level up?Anyone who has a home internet connection has probably been through at least one or two days (or even weeks or months) when they've wished that there was a better option available than whatever cable or DSL provider has a monopoly on providing internet in the area. Although satellite internet technology has been around for a while, first-generation satellite internet delivery has generally been too unreliable to catch on anywhere except in rural areas that don't tend to have any other options. That could all be about to change: Starlink, a subsidiary of Elon Musk's Space X, is attempting to provide better coverage by rejiggering the satellite intenet distribution infrastructure. There's an explainer piece that breaks everything down over at, the official website of Certification Magazine. Internet delivery via satellite might not take over the industy in the immediate future, but there's definitely exciting down-the-road potential here.


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