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Certification Watch, Vol. 24, Issue 38

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CBT Nuggets pins down the top IT certs for wireless, Dice has tips for tech employees struggling to master a hybrid work schedule, and more.

Get Certified in Wireless Technology


Which wireless certifications can help you lock in the technology?Technology in general, and information technology in particular, used to be more or less nonfunctional without massive amounts of wires and wiring. The phrase "wired world," not all that long ago, was commonplace in discussions of IT and its influence. (Ahem.) The future has no wires, however, the future is here, and the transition away from an internet that relies on cables and connections to an internet that flows magically through empty space is on. If you're new to IT and wondering where to start, or experienced but weighing a change in career direction, then you should click on over to the official blog of IT training facilitator CBT Nuggets. The Nuggets team has identified the four most important wireless certifications, which gives you four great places to turn to in order to either fire up your wireless technology career, or make an effective transition from some other branch of IT. As noted in the course of the article, you can bank a tidy salary by attaching one or more of your the listed credentials to your IT résumé. As noted by post author Christian Scott, you can get hands-on access to wireless technology even without working at a wireless company or technology provider: "You can experiment with many of the concepts and protocols in the study materials using your own home wireless network or by offering to help with a wireless project for a local nonprofit organization."


Should You Add CompTIA Linux+ to Your Résumé?


Over at its official blog, tech industry association CompTIA has an occasional series where it rates it own IT certifications, with the headline to each latest piece in the series taking the form "Is [Name of CompTIA Credential] Worth It?" (It will not surprise anyone to learn that each new cert in the series is deemed worth it.) This week, it's time for Linux+ to take the spotlight, possibly because the next scheduled refresh of Linux+ is due to appear at some point in the first quarter of 2022. The Linux+ ecosystem is vast, but Linux+ can help solidify (or affirm) your knowledge of the basics and lock in a broad foundation on which to build a career. The CompTIA article lists possible career destinations (and affiliated salaries), gives an overview of the exam, recommends a study and exam approach, and then settles in to briefly assess how Linux+ stacks up against other similar Linux credentials. Only time and career experience can determine for individual users whether the Linux+ certification itself is worth it, but this Linux+ article is definitely worth a click.


CertMag Offers Overview of Information Security Manager Job Role


Speaking of ongoing serieses in IT publications, there's a good one over at, the official website of Certification Magazine, where each next month typically brings one or two new articles that describe the potential of this or that IT job role. The headline to each latest piece in this series takes the form "Job profile: Become a/an [Name of Job Role]," and the newest addition to the series highlights the work done by information security managers. The cybersecurity hiring market is as red hot as it's ever been, and the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals is ongoing. Between those colliding factors, you can essentially guarantee yourself long-term employment and top compensation by committing to a cybersecurity career, even if you don't have this particular job role in your sights. Information security manager, on the other hand, is a position of high demand even among cybersecurity jobs, and there's lots of interesting work. This is a great option for both tech noobs and individuals willing to migrate over from a different IT specialization.


How to Succeed at Managing Your Hybrid Work Schedule


Making sense out of working from home hasn't been easy for many.Among all of the norms jarred out of complacency by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most consequential for IT professionals has been the shift to working at home for some or all of their regular work schedules. It hasn't been an easy or simple transition for many. If you're at some stage of the changeover from full-time office work and struggling to keep all of the balls in the air, then it may be worth dropping a click on IT employment facilitator Dice, which has a new article this week that recommends basic tips for smoothing out the wrinkles. These tips apply whether you're still expected to spend time at the office, or settled in for the work-from-home full-time long haul.


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