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Certification Watch, Vol. 24, Issue 39

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA is offering scholarships to aspiring IT professionals, Global Knowledge has 10 reasons to pursue a career in cybersecurity, and more.

CompTIA Offers Helping Hand to Aspiring Tech Pros


Need money to pay for college? CompTIA has you covered.There are barriers to entry for all professions, but some are harder to crack than others. In the information technology (IT) realm, the most imposing roadblock to most people looking for a parking place is the breadth of knowledge required to break through, and the equally intimidating cost of obtaining that knowledge. Tech industry association CompTIA is reaching out to aspiring IT professionals to offer a small career boost. Effective immediately, students who are also CompTIA members are eligible to apply for one of 10 scholarships, valued at $2,000 each, which are available through CompTIA's Aspiring Tech Pro Scholarship Program. In addition to CompTIA membership (which is free for student members), students must also be enrolled at a two-year or four-year college or university in the United States. The scholarship dollars can only be used to pay for tuition and fees at the institution where the applicant is enrolled. Interested parties must complete and submit a scholarship application no later than Oct. 15; recipients will be chosen and notified not later than Nov. 30.


Microsoft Encourages Students to Get a Certification


Speaking of college and university students who are considering the possibilities of a career in IT, there's a unique suggestion this week over at the Microsoft Learn Blog. Like Uncle Sam, blogger Rachel Wortman Morris wants you. Wants you to get a Microsoft certification, of course, though not on the timeline that you may be expecting. Morris, a senior business program manager at Microsoft, thinks that the optimal time to get a certification is during the break between college semesters or terms. There's not a lot time between semesters, even by the lights of the most freewheeling collegiate calendaring committees, but Morris is not just throwing out ideas. She has two different first-person case studies to present, highlighting the certification efforts of two different college students who used Microsoft certifications to advance their academic pursuits. Regular readers know that we here at Certification Watch love a good human interest IT certification story, and both Sam Jones and Jason Powell have engaging and inspiring stories to tell, and you'll get a boost no matter where you're at in your own IT certification journey.


Six Certification to Get Your Foot in the Door with Linux


It's the 30th anniversary year of the global debut of Linux, the open source OS that may never displace Windows in the PC world, but is already the sheriff of supercomputers, internet servers, and a large slice of the smartphone and tablet world. Because Linux predominates in the those sectors of the global computing realm, there continues to be strong interest in Linux-certified professionals. If you're considering embarking on, or switching over to, a career in Linux, then it's probably worth your time to click over to, the official website of Certification Magazine, where an article from the July issue of the magazine offers a certification sampler for Linux newcomers. The article drills down on six certifications that can provide a point of entry to the Linux realm. Or you could always just download and install the distro that interests you most and simply start messing around.


Global Knowledge Wants You to Get Serious About Cybersecurity


Want to do IT your way? Consider a career in cybersecurity.We'll wrap up this week by addressing another area of IT hiring where there's always demand from employers: cybersecurity. IT training and certification facilitator Global Knowledge, on the eve of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, has cranked out a generous discussion of reasons to consider a career in cybersecurity. For example, starting at the tail end of the list, blogger James Michael Stewart suggests that cybersecurity could be the perfect place for individuals who have a pioneering bent and want to open up a whole new job category. If you have that "starting quarterback" mentality and you want to call the plays, then you might love becoming a cybersecurity professional. As Stewart writes: "Because versatility is such a prominent feature in this profession, you can draft your own job description. You can craft your own job title, customize your position within the organization, and fine-tune the focus of your day-to-day activities based on ideas, concepts, and opportunities that don't even exist today."


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