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Certification Watch, Vol. 25, No. 1

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Certification Magazine unveils a brand new Salary Survey 75, CompTIA breaks out a crystal ball to forecast IT trends, and more.

New Salary Survey 75 List from Certification Magazine


If it's a new year, then there must be a new Salary Survey 75 list.If 75 IT certifications got together in Hollywood to have brunch at Chateau Marmont, then it would probably not be the ones included on the Salary Survey 75 list issued annually by Certification Magazine. It's not really that kind of list. Each year between August and December, thousands of IT professionals line up to complete a survey that includes hundreds (pretty close to a thousand, actually) of IT certifications. The list is drawn from whichever certifications are held by the largest numbers of survey respondents. The credentials that make the list are then ranked by the average base salary of U.S. credential holders. So if a whole lot of people who are WXYZ certified take the survey, then WXYZ will probably make the list. If most of them make about $50,000 per year, on the other hand, then it probably won't be very near the top. At any rate, this week saw the arrival of a new list (linked above), headlined by the ISACA Certified in Rick and Information Systems Control (CRISC) credential offered by cybersecurity and IT governance professional association ISACA. CRISC displaces last year's No. 1, (ISC)²'s Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP), which checks in at  No. 14 on the 2022 list. The fun begins all over again in the fall, so stick a mental pin in mid-to-late August and check back then for the next Salary Survey.


Microsoft Learn Encourages Culture of Learning Through Certification


Over at the Microsoft Learn Blog, the new year kicked off on Tuesday with a post from Vice President of Global Learning Sandeep Bhanot, who discusses the relationship between Microsoft and Unit4, which develops enterprise-level human resource management software. With a cloud migration on the horizon, Unit4 turned to Microsoft for help training employees to operate in a new and different IT environment. Microsoft Learn helped Unit4 to create and foster a "learning culture." Unit4 was especially intrigued by the certification offerings available from Microsoft, as summed up in this quote from Unit4 executive Ebba Ekstrand: "It's empowering for our employees to get the benefit of Microsoft courseware and certifications within the organization for their own future growth and personal development. We want to create more of that for our other learning paths."


(ISC)² Recaps Top Cybersecurity Webinars from 2021


Any certified IT professional understands the importance of continuing education to certification. Indeed, renewing many certifications requires the credential holder to complete a certain amount of continuing professional education (CPE) credits. One excellent career development tool is webinars, where IT professionals can learn from peers and stay abreast changing technology. There are a lot of webinars out there, of course, so curated lists can be helpful in identifying the best content available. At the end of December, the official blog of cybersecurity professional association (ISC)² closed out the year by listing the best cybersecurity webinars of 2021. There are 30 webinars listed, comprising the best content from the North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Asia-Pacific regions.


ISACA Blogger Warns of Potential Dangers to Online Learners


Speaking of cybersecurity and the widespread availability of IT education offerings online, anyone who seeks out such opportunities should exercise a degree of caution. Spurred by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, IT professionals and other have rushed to embrace remote learning platforms and online education content. Well and good, in the eyes of certified cybersecurity professional Glorin Sebastian, as long as both those who seek out online education and those in charge of offering it develop a heightened awareness of the risks associated with both learning and providing education via the internet. There are many points to ponder, and Sebastian's post to the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and IT governance professional association ISACA — excepted from a longer article in ISACA Journal — is a good place to start.


CompTIA Offers IT Industry Forecast for 2022


Which technology trends will shape 2022?Tech industry observers, like pundits in any other area of cultural commentary, love to speculate about where industry trends and technology development are headed. Tech industry association CompTIA weighed in this week via a post to the official CompTIA blog. Blogger Scott Campbell has compiled a roundup of nine predictions from tech industry thought leaders associated with CompTIA. For example, Jonathan Blakey of Technology Assurance Group says that remote work is the future of a great many office jobs, but that better security will be needed for everyone to function safely and effectively.  What's on your personal tech industry radar? You may have something in common with one or more of the executives quoted here.


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