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Certification Watch, Vol. 25, No. 2

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, there's a new king of the Certification Magazine Salary Survey 75 list, Microsoft Learn invites you to play in its sandbox, and more.

Top Salary Survey 75 Credential Gets Deep Focus Treatment


What do CRISC-certified professionals have in common?Last week in this space, we heralded the arrival of a new Salary Survey 75 list from the good folks at Certification Magazine. At the pinnacle of that list is the Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) credential managed by cybersecurity and IT governance professional association ISACA. And at the end of last week, the CertMag team turned its Deep Focus lens on CRISC to offer a look at the body of CRISC-certified survey participants whose data boosted the credential to its lofty status. The Deep Focus series is a regular and recurring feature at, the official Certification Magazine website, turning the spotlight on a different credential from the Salary Survey 75 list each week


Not Dead Yet: Cisco Learning Network Blogs Check-In


Cisco Learning Network, the certification and training arm of IT networking titan Cisco, launched the latest overhaul of its long-lived certification program in February 2020. At or around that time, the CLN website got an overhaul as well ... and the output of its formerly robust blog squad gradually slowed to a trickle. There's still a CLN blogroll page where one can track the output of new content. Where new posts each week was once the norm, however, well ... let's just say it surprised when we checked in for the first time in a while this week and found a sort-of new post. A discussion of study topics for the Cisco Certified DevNet Expert exam by Kurt Claes was posted just before the end of 2021, marking the first activity since September. Here's hoping there will be more regular certification-related posts in 2022.


CompTIA Creates Compendium of Cybersecurity Statistics, Figures, and Facts


What if you could find everything you need to know about cybersecurity in 2022 all in one place? Thanks to tech industry association CompTIA, now you ... can? Cybersecurity is a huge topic in the modern IT sphere, so it's an eye-opening claim for CompTIA to make that "all" of the cybersecurity-related facts, figures, and stats that "you need to know in 2022" could be contained in a single blog post. But, well, there you have it. Or there you will have it if you click over the official CompTIA blog and read the post by Ashley Watters that appeared there yesterday. Really, it's cool of the CompTIA crew to think of the rest of us and share.


(ISC)² Previews the Year in Cybersecurity


Speaking of 2022 and forthcoming developments in the realm of cybersecurity, the official blog of cybersecurity professional association (ISC)² is grabbing its own piece of the "stuff you need to know about cybersecurity in 2022" action. A newish post (dated Jan. 3) directs readers to an (ISC)² webinar that unpacks the "Top Five Cybersecurity Predictions for 2022," as discussed by moderator Brandon Dunlap and guest Steve Piper, a CISSP-certified security expert and founder/CEO of CyberEdge, a cybersecurity research and consulting firm based in Maryland. If you don't actually find out everything you need to know about cybersecurity in 2022 from CompTIA, then check here next.


Microsoft Learn Sets Playdate for Certification Newcomers


Microsoft has a new "sandbox" for certification exam candidates.We'll close out this week with an intriguing invitation from Microsoft Learn, the certification and training arm of software and cloud computing colossus Microsoft. A new post this week to the Microsoft Learn Blog outlines a potential new activity for anyone who is contemplating getting a Microsoft certification, but isn't all that familiar with Microsoft certification exams. Longtime Microsoft psychometrician and all-around certification guru Liberty Munson explains that the Microsoft Learn team has created a certification-centric "exam sandbox." That is to say, you can go play around with a simulator that reproduces the look and feel of an actual Microsoft certification exam. Want to know what types of questions you'll face? Want to get an idea of how Microsoft exams are structured, timed, and so forth? Now you don't need to take an actual exam to find out. You can go build castles (metaphorically speaking) in the sandbox and get a clear picture of exactly what you'll be dealing with. This is a cool idea that feels like it could definitely start a trend. Certification candidates engaged with other programs could certainly benefit from something similar.


That's all for this edition of Certification Watch. Please keep your certification news and tips coming to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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