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Certification Watch, Vol. 25, No. 24

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Amazon Web Services offers advice about starting your certification journey, (ISC)² just says no to online proctored certification exams, and more.

Amazon Web Services Is Here to Help You Get Certified


Now is a great time to pursue AWS certification.Cloud computing right now is like the wildcat rig from that 1920s newsreel, where the oil is blowing through the top of the derrick and showering down all around — good fortune is figuratively falling out of the sky for everyone involved. Amazon Web Services is the biggest cloud services provider on the planet, and they have a certification program that can help IT professionals get a piece of the action. For anyone who has given this or that AWS cloud computing credential a long look recently, there's a new post to the AWS Training and Certification blog that's almost certain to be of interest. Guest blogger Siddharth Pasumarthy started his career in architecture, but enjoyed technology enough to jump into cloud computing. He wasn't even intending to get certified, but AWS swept him into the IT brand of architecture. And now he has a blueprint to follow for anyone who wants to jump into the AWS sector of cloud services. If you're wondering where to start, then click over and see what he has to say.


Microsoft Launches Pay Transparency Initiative


Generally speaking, employers both large and small tend to talk about compensation as openly and frequently as the Familia Madrigal talks about Bruno — which is to say, not at all. (That's an Encanto reference, to clear the air for anyone out there who either a) doesn't have children, or b) doesn't see that many movies.) Few topics are more verboten than professional salary. A lot of people would more readily discuss religion or politics. Software titan Microsoft, however, is apparently attempting to push back against that taboo. A post to the Insights blog of tech employment facilitator Dice discusses Mricrosoft's recent announcement that it intends to publicly disclose salary ranges for all of its employees. There are a handful of engaging sidebars to the big news (which Microsoft announced in a corporate blog post earlier this month) and Dice blogger Nick Kolakowski shares some interesting insights that round out the big picture.


Is Microsoft Azure Certification Right for You?


Sticking like glue to the topic of the House That Bill Gates Built, a recent post to the official blog of IT training facilitator CBT Nuggets discusses seven reasons that cloud computing professionals should look into Microsoft Azure certification. There's something for everyone here, including cybersecurity professionals — which might not be the first thing that most people would associate with either Microsoft or Azure. CBT Nuggets blogger Erik Mikac suggests that the Azure Security Engineer Associate certification is a great way to tie together your knowledge of cloud computing with a key cybersecurity skill set. There are six other selling points in Mikac's post, so if you're intrigued by Azure, then there are some ideas here worth considering.


(ISC)² Draws the Line at Online Proctored Certification Exams


(ISC)² has formally declined to offer online proctored certification exams.When the COVID-19 pandemic scrambled everyone's ability to meet in person for various activities, certification programs across the IT spectrum rushed to build online certification testing into their exam delivery models. In 2022, it's almost expected that anyone preparing to take a certification exam will have the option to do so online. Cybersecurity professional association (ISC)² kept its distance from the rush to board the online exam delivery express, however, and now the (ISC)² certification program has formally backed away from online proctored certification exams. After completing two exhaustive online testing pilot programs, (ISC)² has concluded that it will not move forward, for now, with making its certification exams available to exam candidates via the internet. It would seems that "because everyone else is doing it" really doesn't have to sway you into a decision that may not be right for you. Somewhere out there, (ISC)²'s mom is nodding fondly and smiling.


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