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IT Certification Watch

The newsletter that keeps you up to date on what's happening in the world of computer certification. Also available to GoCertify subscribers by email.

Certification Watch (Vol. 17, No. 13)

News about improving your employment profile online, using virtualization to improve certification preparation, and more.

Certification Watch (Vol. 17, No. 12)

News about increased cheating on cert exams, tech teacher training overseas, a new IT salary survey and more.

Certification Watch (Vol. 17, No. 11)

News about certifying on purpose, dressing your resume up with the right security certification, and more.

Certification Watch (Vol. 17, No. 10)

News about the high cost of cybercrime, CompTIA's new intuitive certification study tool, and more.

Certification Watch (Vol. 17, No. 9)

News about women and minorities (or the lack thereof) in IT, test retake strategies, exam discounts, and more.

Certification Watch (Vol. 17, No. 8)

News about the 15 most popular IT and business certs, hot software skills, bad first jobs, and more.

Certification Watch (Vol. 17, No. 7)

News about the upward trend in IT salary, a fine place to work, getting tough on Chinese hackers and more.

Certification Watch (Vol. 17, No. 6)

News about Microsoft's new one-stop cert shop, a certification milestone, the boom in health data analytics and more.

Certification Watch (Vol. 17, No. 5)

News about cybersecurity scholarships, enriching your certification journey and more.

Certification Watch (Vol. 17, No. 4)

News about promoting the recruitment of women to IT, a certification fascination instigation and more.

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