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Certification Watch Volume 5 #14

Certification News regarding Microsoft, impotent MOUS Exams, SAS, Nortel and Cisco.

Microsoft To Retire 10 Exams in June 2003

Microsoft recently announced plans to discontinue ten of its certification exams on June 30, 2002. The retired exams cover Site Server 3.0, Exchange Server 5.5, SNA Server 4.0, Proxy Server 2.0, Windows 98, Designing and Implementing Solutions with Microsoft Office 2000 and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and the IEAK. The list (with exam numbers) is available on the Microsoft Web site.

No More Free Help on MOUS Exams

In the past candidates sitting for the Microsoft Office User Specialist exams were free to use the Microsoft Office help menu while taking the exams. Beginning in August, that will no longer be true. The help feature will be disabled and test takers will have to rely on their own knowledge, say program administrators at Certiport, which operates the MOUS program. Hmmm. Sounds like a good idea to us.

SAS Warehouse Development Specialist Exam Approaches Beta

The beta version of the SAS Warehouse Development Specialist Concepts exam ($75) will be open to certification candidates late this month. The exam tests skills involved in the detailed design of the data warehouse components in accordance with the system specifications and constructing the components of the warehouse. The beta is one of three exams that will be needed to earn the certification, once this certification is fully rolled out. Keep an eye on the SAS certification pages for beta registration information.

Nortel Beta Opportunities

Looking for a chance to become a Nortel Networks Certified Support Specialist (NNCSS) or Nortel Networks Certified Design Specialist (NNCDS)? Now's your chance to do it for free - just pass one of the following beta exams: Support Specialist - Alteon (#921-251) - beta planned to begin July 11; Design Specialist - Baystack/BPS (#921-243) - beta planned to begin July 16; or Support Specialist - Passport 8600 (#921-250) - beta planned to begin July 18. To request a voucher email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include the exam name and number. Free seats are limited to the first 50 applicants for each exam, so if you want to give a try do it today.

Cisco Changes Certification Agreement

Cisco has announced that its Certification Agreement has changed. The primary change is that there used to be two agreements: a Career Certifications Agreement and a Confidentiality Agreement. They have been combined into a single agreement. Individuals who have already completed the older agreements do not have to sign the new one until they take an exam on which it appears.

That's all for this edition of Certification Watch. Please keep your certification news and tips coming to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..