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Certification Watch (Vol. 16, No. 12)

News about certification in higher education, health tracking and viewing certifications online, and more.

No Certification = No Graduation

How does the old saying go? You can lead an IT undergrad to the testing center, but you can't make him certify. (Eh, it's something like that.) IT education is a growing niche at Fortis College, which operates career training schools across the nation. When Fortis launched a cybersecurity program in 2011, school administrators designed their curriculum around popular security certs. Students who enrolled in the cybersecurity program had the cost of exam vouchers built into their tuition, but few students actually took the time to certify. Seeking to reverse the trend, administrators made completion of at least two certifications a requirement for graduation. IT trade association CompTIA, a Fortis cybersecurity partner, reports that certification has increased dramatically since the change was implemented. It must be like all of those parents who convince their Boy Scout sons to finally muscle through that Eagle Scout project by withholding the right to earn and use a driver's license. You just have to find the right button to push.

New CompTIA Certification Targets Mobile Technologies

Twenty years ago, almost everyone who needed to send an e-mail, create a report, review sales figures, or do whatever, sat at a desk and used a keyboard and mouse to bring the digital world to their fingertips. Now you can connect to the internet even miles outside city limits, and work is never further away than the touch screen of your tablet, phablet, or smartphone. It's a mobile computing world, with mobile computing problems, and CompTIA has developed a new certificaiton to help train IT professionals to navigate the ins and outs of mobile technology. The Mobility+ cert addresses device management, troubleshooting, security, network infrastructure and other potential challenges. The new cert arrives on the heels of CompTIA's Mobile App Security+ credential, which was released in October.

QAI Global Launches New Certification Testing Pact

It's like one of those old Marvel Comics team-ups, where Spider-Man makes a quick visit to the pages of the newest Iron Man mag, or maybe the latest issue of Daredevil, to help fight evil and, er, increase comic book sales. (OK, not really, since this new partnership is more-or-less permanent, and the partners are out to improve certification testing, not defeat an evil supervillain. Still, we think Spidey would approve.) QAI Global Institute, which oversees the programs of the International Software Certification Board, is joining forces with leading education and testing company Pearson VUE. Under the new agreement, Pearson becomes the official testing partner for QAI, which offers nearly a dozen different software certifications. Pearson is one of the foremost certification testing administrators in the industry.

Your Certification Report Card Is Ready

There are a lot of burining questions in life: Why do peanut butter and chocolate taste so good together? When is it the right time to refinance my home mortage loan? How come Congress can never agree about anything? And, of course, anyone who's ever taken a test knows about the crushing anxiety of those four little words: How did I do? Oracle Certification has stepped up its efforts to communicate with certificaton candidates by unveiling a new certification portal. Among other things, certification candidates can get quick access to test results, download and print exam score reports, and more. (Alas, CertView does not appear to offer any answers about Congress, peanut butter and chocolate, or home mortgage lonas.) Oracle Certification is offering a series of online videos to help CertView users get up to speed.

ISACA Survey Considers Emerging Internet of Things

A power outage, service overload, or any number of other complications can can take the internet out of (or at least away from) the person. What about the other way around: Can you take people out of the intenet? Discussion about the Internet of Things has been moving in that direction for more than a decade, as technologists ponder the glaring inefficiency of human beings as a means to the ongoing internet end of accumulation and integration of data. As we brace for machines to take an ever-greater role in collecting and managing data, IT governance group ISACA has released the results of a recent survey intended to weigh the risks and rewards of taking people out of the data loop. Detailed information regarding the results of the survey is available online.

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