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Certification Watch (Vol. 16, No. 13)

News about certified sales professionals, check a study of security trends, and more.

Coffee Is For (Certified) Closers

For some people, it's in the genes. If you aren't a born salesman, however, and even if you are, then you could probably use a little training. An IT certification trend that's been around for a while now is to provide specialized training for the sales professionals who move tech hardware and software. Think you can just pick up the phone and sell someone a printer? Think again. Or at least think about getting some training. HP is one of the latest tech companies to roll out specialized sales training specifically tailored to the people who sell its products. HP has four new sales certs: Printing Solutions; Converged Infrastructure Solutions; Enterprise Server Solutions and Services; and Introduction to Selling Servers, Storage, Network and Services.

Career Paths — Look Before Leaping

Here's some good advice whether or not you want to work in IT. When considering what career path to pursue, don't be the fool who rushes in where angels fear to tread. Take your time and think things through. That piece of counsel comes from a recent entry at Cisco Learning Network's Certifications for Success blog. Blogger Any Gremmett notes that data centers are an IT hotbed, and certified data center professionals are in high demand. The kicker is that data center certification is a long-haul proposition, and not something to be undertaken lightly. To assist the ruminations of people considering the field, Gremmet has prepared a detailed infographic ... for subscribers only. See what he means? You can't even look at helpful infographics unless you're at least a little bit serious about pursuing the field.

Come On, Get Certified

Speaking of choosing an IT career path, we've said if before, and we'll probably say it again, including right now: It's time to stop daydreaming and get your head in the cloud. Cloud computing is growing like a freshman's waistline. (Remember when Mom thought that you were going to waste away from eating your own cooking?) VMware, one of the leaders in the cloud and virtualization space, wants to make life easy for aspiring cloudsters. VMware Training posts a host of notifications each month to keep certification candidates abreast of the latest study helps and exam opportunities. This month there are free (love that word) training courses, practice exams, instructional videos and more. And for those who enjoy a good story, VMware Training hosts videos where certified pros talk about how certification has made a difference for them.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe

Some weeks you get the feeling that you should just disconnect all your machines, power everything down and go pave roads for a living, and this is one of those weeks. According to the results of a new survey by IT trade association CompTIA, more than 80 percent of IT firms are either mostly or entirely satisfied that their cybersecurity protections are sufficient. But if you were preparing to relax and go about your business, then CompTIA has a better idea: Don't relax, and don't go about your business. Or at least not until your business has even better cybersecurity protections. The 11th Annual Information Security Trends study also reveals that just 13 percent of tech companies have drastically revamped their cybersecurity protections in the last two years. That's good news for everyone in the 13 percent, and bad news for everyone else. You can get even more juicy details by viewing the Security Trends study's slideshare presentation.

Thinking Smarter (Not Harder) About Cybersecurity

Since we're already on the topic of security, this is probably an opportune moment to mention that IT governance group ISACA recently concluded its World Congress: INSIGHTS 2013 gathering in Berlin. Representatives of more than 25 IT organizations across 15 countries put their heads together to solve, or at least discuss, the challenge of protecting networks and data. Among other things, the group concluded that cybersecurity needs to address more than just the glamorous threats: A power supply failure or broken cable can disrupt a network just as quickly as a hacker hiding out halfway around the globe. Further information from the conference is available at ISACA's Knowledge Center.

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