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Certification Watch (Vol 16, No. 16)

News about a new cert for all things mobile, stuff securing personal medical information, the hottest IT job in the market, and more.

IT Phone Home

In the wireless world, a growing array of mobile computing devices are changing the way we do business, the way we relax, the way we teach children, and many other parts of our lives. And as mobile technology proliferates, there's an increasing need for IT professionals who can manage and support the array of networks connecting phones, tablets, laptops and other devices, as well as secure and support the devices themselves. The new Mobility+ cert from CompTIA (which released its related Mobile App Security+ cert in October) is aimed at helping both old pros and up-and-comers get a piece of action. Mobility+ is recommended for individuals who have CompTIA's Network+ cert or equivalent work experience, and who have work in mobile device administration for at least 18 months. CompTIA has prepared a 32-hour training course to help cert candidates study for the Mobility+ exam.

Ho-Ho Hold It Right There

You shouldn't let just any stranger with a red coat and bag of toys, who doesn't shave and has a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly, pop down the chimney this Dec. 24. Sure, the guy in center court at the mall may have gold-wire spectacles and a fur-lined red cap, but is he versed in the rudiments of role-playing? Has he studied up on the history of one Kris Kringle? Does he have the proper voice training? Is he, you know, just any old guy with a wink and a smile? Or is he certified? OK, so Santa certification is not an IT thing. It is a real thing, however, and there's a fun article from the folks at that provides a dose of Christmas cheer with a trip to Santa school. Accept no substitutes this holiday season.

To Your Health

The rollout of has a lot of people thinking and talking about the business of medical treatment and wellness in the 21st century. And as medical record-keeping practices evolve, there's a rapidly emerging IT angle, both in term of compiling and storing all the data and, perhaps more importantly, protecting it. This week, there are words of wisdom addressing that topic at IT governance group ISACA's ISACA Now blog. Governance expert Grant Gillis, director of Canada's Health Informatics Association (COACH), discusses the convenience of Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology, as well as the need to tread carefully where people's confidential personal medical data is concerned. Gillis points to a recently issued COACH white paper that discusses the issues in depth.

Wired for Learning

Since we don't live in an entirely wireless world, there are still standards and practices for installing the cables and wires that bring phone, internet and television signals into homes and other residences. (Not that you'd know that from the last guy to drill a hole in the wall and string a pencil-width black cord halfway through your house.) For professionals who work in the IT systems industry, the trade group BICSI monitors standards and certifies installers. The group established BICSI Connect in 2007 to help provide training and certification, and recently announced the addition of 20 new online courses.

Know the Code

Everyone needs better, faster and more versatile software. If you're just beginning your career in IT, and you have any level of interest in software development, then you're on the cusp of a potentially lucrative employment boom. Developers are smack in the middle of one of the hottest sectors in IT hiring. So it's time to roll up your sleeves and get certified. Job researcher Wanted Analytics reports that more 232,000 employment listings seeking skilled software developers have been posted online just in the last 90 days. The high numbers have always been there, but they're on the rise, up 3 percent from the same window last years. Is it any wonder that members of Congress and the President are sounding a call for kids to become computer science educated? Well, given that Computer Science Education Week is upon us, no, it's not really any wonder.

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