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Certification Watch (Vol. 17, No. 20)

Add a certification to your college curriculum, vialis 40mg survey says your boss wants you to quit wasting paper, and more.

Certification Continues to Infiltrate Higher Education


College campus buildingIf you're serious about getting ahead in your educational endeavors and furthering your post-college career ambitions at the same time, then there's a special organization you should consider seeking membership in. No, this is not a fraternity or sorority pitch: IT security consortium (ISC)2 has added another university to the ranks of its Global Academic Program. The newest affiliate is Virginia's James Madison University, which is connecting its College of Business to GAP. GAP introduces university students to principles of cybersecurity and helps them train for certification. As with other GAP partners, JMU will help expand the program's reach via online course offerings.


Book IT with New Cisco Webinar Series


Some people have to go to the mall and stand in line for hours to meet their favorite authors. Cisco Learning Network has a better idea. The certification and training arm of the IT networking giant wants to help certification candidates and certified professionals connect with the people who literally wrote the book about training for certification. Beginning Sept. 23, Cisco Learning Network is setting up face-to-face interactions with popular Cisco authors. Well, almost face-to-digital-face, at any rate. Interested parties can sign up to get free instruction from certification gurus via a series of author-led webinars. The first in the series will feature Eric Rivard, author of (among other certification training titles) CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack. Future webinars in the series will feature Kevin Wallace and Akhil Behl. (We'll take CLN's word for it that these are big names). At any rate, if you like learning by listening, it's hard to beat the price.


Red Hat and Cisco Get Their Heads in the Cloud


As corporate partnerships go, it's almost on the level of the Avengers teaming up with the Justice League. Red Hat and Cisco, which have collaborated successfully on a number of past projects, are pooling their resources again. This time the IT titans will partner or a project to create infrastructure for linking clouds to other clouds. The drive to create a so-called "intercloud" will draw on Red Hat's established expertise in the realms of Linux and OpenStack, and Cisco's extensive history of furthering IT networking. The two companies have collaborated on "unified computing" projects in the past. Large scale ventures involving IT firms with established certification portolios should be of special interest to the IT certification community: It seems logical to expect that, as innovations accrue, new certifications will be developed to train people in new computing specialties.


British Computer Society Issues Algorithm Challenge


Many individuals who don't pursue math education or math-based careers regard basic higher math as being something akin to voodoo. No worries, old chap, it's just numbers.That's the message of the British Computing Society, which wants to advance technology education and interest in technology careers by involving individuals in algorithms. An algorithm, our overseas colleagues contend, is merely a set of instructions. Learning an algorithm is just like picking up the steps to a dance — say, the Hokey Pokey, or as the blokes in Blighty call it, the Hokey Cokey. (You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out, etc.) The so-called Algorithm Challenge is particularly addressed to parents, so if you have a budding IT genius under your roof, then consider yourself on notice.


CompTIA Study Says 'Don't Print That E-Mail'


No, it doesn't really say that. (And by the way, who prints e-mails anyway? The whole point of an e-mail is that it doesn't involve paper.) That's the spirit of feedback, however, from CompTIA's recently released Trends in Managed Services study. For example, as revealed in the study, 86 percent of businesses surveyed say there's a strong correlation between adopting "green IT" practices and using less paper. And the study indicates that using less paper is a high priority for about one in five businesses. So if the boss sends an e-mail about using less paper, take it as a sign that your employer is on the leading edge. Oh, and also as a sign that you should use the printer less.


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