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Certification Watch (Vol. 17, No. 25)

In this week's roundup of the latest certification industry happenings, there's news about a new Master ASE cert from HP, whether or not you're a "problem manager," and more.

HP Adds New Master ASE Certification


Jedi KnightsThere are many kinds of masters in the world, including Jedi Masters, Masters of the Universe, and green-jacketed champions of the Masters golf tournament held each year in Georgia. Becoming recognized as a "master" of whatever stripe is generally a significant (and somewhat rare) accomplishment, and that's typically as true in IT certification as in other fields of endeavor. So if you like a challenge, and you're already invested in HP certification, then brace yourself for the arrival of the newest Master ASE credential. The new cert, FlexNetwork Solutions V1, "validates your ability to design and deploy complex, enterprise-level networks using your comprehensive knowledge of the latest networking innovations." It's recommended that candidates have three-to-five years of experience "designing and architecting complex enterprise-level networks" before going down the FlexNetwork Solutions V1 rabbit hole.


The Moral of the Story is Check the Exam Number


The alphabet soup (and numeral stew) of certification names and numbers is enough to make anyone's head swim. It is important, however, to bear in mind that all of the acronyms and serial numbers (and letters) actually mean something. As illustrated in a story shared by guest blogger Jamie Shoup at Cisco Learning Network's Certifications for Success blog, one can never be too cautious. A couple of years ago, Shoup writes, a Cisco CCDA candidate made the mistake of buying a Cisco Press study guide for a (whoops!) retired exam. After weeks of diligent study, he sat down to take his certification exam and realized, to his horror, that none of the questions quite lined up with the material he had studied. After making a disastrous attempt to complete the exam, he contacted Cisco Press and discovered his error. The devil is in the details, people, and his horns are sharp. Prepare (and certify) with care.


CompTIA NextGen Forecast Includes Cloud Training


The NexGen Cloud Conference & Expo is coming up Dec. 4-5 in San Diego. So if you're head's not already in the cloud, then this is an opportunte moment to start checking the forecast. IT industry association CompTIA, which offers both the Cloud+ and Cloud Essentials certifications, is planning to drift in front of the sun (see what we did there?) at NexGen and has announced a handful of cloud training opportunities. Included among CompTIA's opportunities for conferencegoers to brush up their cloud skills and knowledge are a "Cloud Sales Execution" seminar, a "Sales Playbook on Cloud Backup and Recovery" workshop, and a session on "Managing Your Customer' Clouds." CompTIA will also host a special event addressing cloud security issues, which has become a hot topic of late in light of the widely-reported looting of celebrities' personal photo storage accounts by hackers.


EC-Council Salutes Certification Training Partners


Speaking of the despicable deeds of cyberthieves, EC-Council, an IT security organization that operates under the slogan "Hackers are here. Where are you?," announced a variety of special recognitions for its certification training partners earlier this week. The group used its EC-Council Global Awards 2014 to salute a number of organizations and groups. The award for Training Center of the Year was bestowed by region on Global Knowledge Training LLC (North America), IT ERA (Latin America) and Prestariang Systems (Malaysia). A number of other corporate recognitions were awarded, and recognition was also given to individual instructors from countries around the globe.


Microsoft Wants YOU ... to Develop Games


Want to design your own video game? It's a dream profession for many, and the advent of phone-app and tablet games has opened the door wider than ever before. Now Microsoft Learning, the certification and training arm of Microsoft, wants to push it open even farther. Earlier this week, the Microsoft Learning duo of Briana Roberts and Liberty Munson (who haven't, incidentally, done their Super Sigma and Psychomagician routine in quite some time) posted a video that explains the new program to assist developers interested in creating games for the Windows Store apps marketplace. Essentially, Microsoft Learning wants to encourage bright young programmers and help them turn their crazy cool concepts into actual games. Some of the platforms available don't even require past programming experience. What do you want to create today?


New BCS Publication Tackles Problem Management


Lots of people in IT have have learned to manage projects in recent years. Project management certifications are some of the most coveted (and best compesated) out there. How good are you, on the other hand, at managing problems? The British Computer Society is officially here to help, thanks to the publication of a new book in its series of guids to popular IT job roles. The new title, Problem Manager: Careers in IT Service Management, explores what it takes to confront and solve problems that arise in many corporate IT environments. The new volumecan be yours for a pittance ($31.99 U.S.) at the BCS Bookshop.


That's all for this edition of Certification Watch. Please keep your certification news and tips coming to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..