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Certification Watch (Vol. 17, No. 26)

In this week's roundup of the latest certification industry happenings, there's news about a milestone millionth, the wealth of information in biological networks, and more.

1,000,000 A+ Certifications and Counting


Celebrate good times come onFew large numbers are as iconic as 1,000,000. Amassing a million of just about anything that requires some degree of conscious effort or commitment of resources is pretty impressive. There's always going to be some overachiever like McDonald's humblebragging about its "billions and billions served," but a million of anything is still a nice nound rumber. It's an especially nice number for CompTIA, which awarded its millionth A+ certification earlier this month. The news first appeared on the A+ Facebook page Oct. 17. Details emerged earlier this week on Monday, when CompTIA announced that Logan Murhpy of Fort Collins, Colo., is the milestone millionth A+ recipient. Murphy, who works for IT consulting firm Long View, will attend the tech trade show of his choice on CompTIA's dime, and also received a three-day trip to Houston to meet certification guru Mike Meyers and be featured in a new training video from CompTIA partner Total Seminars.


Cisco Announces Service Provider Certification Changes


The realm of IT networking is probably particularly susceptible to upheaval as the IT industry and the world in general continues to pave the way for the Internet of Things. Leading networking firm Cisco has had the IoT squarely in its crosshairs for a while now, and recently announced several fine tunings of its IoT certifications. Cisco envisions Service Providers as being the nerve centers of the Internet of Things, receiving data, sending out instructions and generally filling the variety of roles required to keep all of the plates spinning. The first kink that's being worked out is that all of the CCIE-level Service Provider exams have now been changed over to the all-new Version 4.0, with corresponding exam topic updates now available. There are also two new Service Provider Mobility Specialist certifications, CDMA to LTE and UMTS to LTE. And finally, the Service Provider Operations track is being put out to pasture, with formal retirement scheduled for Feb. 1.


ISACA Creates Educational Material for College Course Development


In the fast-moving cybersecurity realm, security experts are racing to keep pace with hackers in a battle that, by its nature, involves each side constantly catching up to innovations revealed by the other. As colleges and universities seek to attract students to computer science programs, they have to keep up as well. That's why, at the end of last week, pioneering IT governance group ISACA announced the availability of new materials created to help college professors design up-to-date security courses. The new course design toolkit is built around a volume titled Cybersecurity Student Book and are available free of charge to instructors who register as ISACA Academic Advocates. The materials were developed and vetted by an international consortium of education and security experts and address a variety of security topics, including: threat and vulerability assessment; incident response; threat, attack and defense models; cyber law legal principles; and security policy design, development, management and implementation.


When Certification Companies Get Certified


It's been a year of at least moderate upheaval for IT testing and training provider Prometric, which saw its longtime test-provision partnership with Microsoft stolen away in September. Perhaps reflecting a bit of a corporate mood to cleanse the inner vessel and set forth anew, Prometric announced this week that it has renewed a battery of organizational certifications. The renewal of these credentials also demonstrates the company's internal commitment to hghest standards in its IT security and systems management. Prometric president and CEO Michael Brannick said in a press release that Promteric conducts regular internal audits to verify that its content and data are secure. "Our technology infrastructure and the investments we make in our people, systems and operations provide unmatched value, quality and performance for the exams people trust to validate their credentials," Brannick said.


BCS Provides Free Lecture on Biological Networks


Nearly everyone is familiar with the phrase "biological clock." Now the British Computer Society wants to add "biological network" to the lexicon. If you have plans to be in London next month, then you may want to make space in your itineray for the Roger Needham Lecture (sponsored by Mircosoft Research), to be presented Nov. 19 at The Royal Society in London.This year's lecture, by researcher Natasa Przulj, is on the topic of "Mining Biological Networks," and should tie in nicely with the general tizzy about big data. As Przulj sees it, the circle of human interaction is supported by organic networks comparable to those in the computing world. As we learn more about the ways people and things are interconnected, we can better grasp how to organize and monetize the vast amount of information about inidividuals that has accumulated through years of social interaction. Attendance at the lecture is free of charge (plus a small fee for drink and the buffet), but requires registration. The lecture will also be available online following its presentation.


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