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Certification Watch (Vol. 17, No. 28)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification industry happenings, we bring you news about the best tech job search sites, an in-demand credential from Cloudera, and more.

CompTIA Lists Top Job Search Sites for IT Pros


Find job keyboard buttonLooking for work can be a tricky proposition, but there are many resources available. One of the best ways to improve results is to look for job search resources that are tailored to your specific field of endeavor. For IT pros, there are numerous job search websites that provide IT-specific information. Earlier this month, freelance writer Natatlie McDonald rated the top five IT job search sites in a post at CompTIA's IT Careers Blog. McDonald gives the pole position to, noting that finding a job can feel like a roll of dice, but that you'll get focused, tech-specific results if you roll with Next in line is, a joint venture of Beyond and Career Network that offers detailed profiles of IT employers across the country. Props are also given to, and


Achieve CCIE Success by Changing Your Plan of Attack


If you're preparing to take one of Cisco's famously thorough CCIE certification exams, then you probably already know that both the written and lab exams are notoriously preparation-intensive. Cisco Learning Network has had an Unleasing CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 blog running for several months now, and this month CCIE expert Bruno van de Werve is weighing in with a two-part compilation of "battlefield tactics" to help you succeed in conquering your next CCIE exam. Part I appeared earlier this month, and includes two lists, one to help you prep for the written exam, and a second to help you get lab-ready. Both lists include a lot of "common sense" suggestions, but the list of lab tactics in particular is impressively detailed. One suggestion applies to many different areas in IT: If you are acting on a hunch, van de Werve advises, keep track of each step so that you can backtrack if things don't pan out.


Red Hat's Red Hot OpenStack Cert


Just about anything connected to cloud computing and cloud technology is de rigeur in today's tech world, but some cloud skills and cloud platforms are more in demand than others. Red Hat offers certification and training in enteprise Linux's popular OpenStack platform, and OpenStack is leading the pack. According to a survey conducted earlier this year by The New Stack and the Linux Foundation, OpenStack is the most popular of the several open source cloud projects in development. In particular, OpenStack is widely preferred over its competitors for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) delivery. On top of all of that, a national survey commissioned by Red Hat last year found that the No. 1 challenge to OpenStack projects in development across the country is a lack of IT skills. Red Hat, accordingly is pressing the OpenStack certification button pretty hard.


Cloudera Reports Aggressive Demand for its Big Data Certs


Speaking of currently popular certifications, there's a bit of a joined-at-the-hip relationship between cloud technology and big data, so it's appropriate that there's also news about a hotly requested class of big data certification. Data software firm Cloudera reports that it's racing to keep up with demand for its big data credentials. Cloudera's certification program features three certs attuned to Apache's big data framework Hadoop and big data dabase HBase, and it capstoned by its Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist (CCPDS) credential. In an interview posted at RCRWirelessNews, Cloudera executive Sarah Sproehnle said that herds of IT pros are knocking down the door of Cloudera's certification program. “They realize this market is new and hot, and they really want to learn,” Sproehnle said.


Microsoft Learning Shares IT Academy Success Stories


The IT certification community loves a good success story. You can find them in just about every corner of the web. Any time a particularly good one crops up, however, it's still worth passing along. Last week, Microsoft Learning shared the career journey of one Roosevelt Walker, and it's a pretty inspiring read. Walker, a teacher in Montgomery, Ala., wanted to work closer to home following the birth off his second child, so he took an unusual job teach kids at a correctional facility in the Alabama Department of Youth Services. Walker uses IT Academy materials in his classes, and the Microsoft Learning post shares the story of Walker's making a difference for one student in particular. A teacher changing the lives of hard-luck kids at a special transitional school for juvenile delinquents? Somebody get a Hollywood screenwriter on that, stat!


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