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Certification Watch (Vol. 16, No. 5)

News about new certs from CompTIA, (ISC)2's IT schorlarship awards, staying abreast of certification evolution, and more.

CompTIA Smooths Move to Mobile with New Certs

Don't get too cozy at your wood-paneled desk with the big swivel chair. As the computing world shifts ever farther from traditional desktop workstations, "Make mine mobile," is the order of the day. And as developers and support personnel embark on a mobile migration, IT trade group CompTIA is facilitating the transition with two new certs. Starting next month, CompTIA Mobility+ and CompTIA Mobile App Security+ will join the family of certs at CompTIA.

Racking Up Educational Offerings

Other entities are also responding to the shifting IT job market with increased opportunities for learning and training. Rackspace, the hosting giant based in San Antonio, Texas, is breaking IT ground with a new on-demand e-learning course to push the envelope of its Training for OpenStack program. OpenStack, the open-source cloud computing software, is currently being developed via a large-scale cooperative effort involving numerous IT companies collaborating under the auspices of the OpenStack Foundation, which launched last year.

In addition to the new online course, Rackspace is beefing up its traditional OpenStack educational offerings by launching four new classroom-based courses. As noted in the Rackspace press release, cloud computing is expected to add nearly 14 million jobs to the global IT workforce by 2015.

We Now Pause for Certification

There are only so many hours in the day, but SAS UK, an overseas division of analytics software giant SAS, isn't asking for very many of them. Well, at least not if you take the long view. Furthering the popular wham-bam-where's-my-exam trend in certification, SAS UK is offering a 10-day cert blitz for UK residents (or travel-ready participants from other realms) who are in a big, fat rush to grab the company's SAS Certified Base Programmer credential.

Participants hoping to settle in a bit before the fun begins can grab a special prep guide and link up with an elite study group. The Certified Base Programmer "boot camp" will be offered Sept. 23 through Oct. 4, and again Dec. 2 though 13, in England.

The Wheel's Still in Spin

As Bob Dylan once explained, "The loser now will be later to win, for the certifications, they are a changin.' " OK, not really, but if Dylan had been an IT guy instead of a folk rock troubador, then the metaphorical relevance would surely not have escaped him. Certifications come and go, and evolve and grow, and sometimes the jumble of letters that looked great on your resume 12 years ago is suddenly as dated as a polyester pantsuit. A recent Cisco Learning Network blog post illustrates the twists and turns along the way by tracing the changes in Cisco's CCIE Voice certification, which is now Cisco's CCIE Collaboration certification.

It's all lifecycles at Cisco this month, incidentally: The Learning Network blog has also posted two installments of a series that launched in August, Your Guide to Get Certified. The advice has a Cisco-centric slant, but plenty of it is broadly applicable to any quest for certification.

(ISC)2 Breaks Out the Champagne

Software security consoritum (ISC)2 has gone ahead and made quite a few people's day. With its third annual Security Congress coming up at the end of September, the group has announced finalists for its Americas Information Security Leadership Awards, which recognize security innovation in North, Central and South America. (ISC)2 is also spreading the wealth via its annual information security scholarship grants. The group passed out 23 awards in all, including three given especially to women.

That's all for this edition of Certification Watch. Please keep your certification news and tips coming to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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