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Certification Watch (Vol. 16, No. 7)

News about a fistful of new certs, a certification side effect of Uncle Sam's temporary unemployment, and more.

Liferay Launces Certification Program through Prometric

Science fiction has brought us countless death rays over the years, because what's more menacing than being zapped out of existence? California-based Liferay, alas, is not a cutting-edge tech trailbazer that produces some sort of stream of charged particles that can revivify, resurrect, restore, etc. Rather, the company acts as steward of Liferay Portal, an open-source, enterprise portal project launched in 2000. After more than a decade, Liferay Portal has become so established that Liferay announced a new certification program last week to build up a constituency of certified Liferay professionals.

The new exams will be administered by test facilitator Prometric. The program is being launched with the Liferay Certified Professional Developer credential. Additional certs are in development, and the program will eventually include associate and expert mastery levels.

Cloudy with a Chance of Certification

There are starting to be so many cloud-connected certifications these days, that it's almost not safe to go outside without an umbrella. (Man, was that lame.) CompTIA announced its new Cloud+ cert last month, and now it's time to start lining up for your exam. CompTIA blogger Janet Pinkerton said that the issuance of the new cert is timely, as IT firms rush to stay abreast of the boom in cloud computing. A recent CompTIA study found that four out of 10 IT channel firms had experienced at least once cast of demand for cloud computing services outstripping capacity.

Your Government Is Not Available

As we head into the first full weekend of what commentator Jon Stewart has dubbed "Shutstorm 2013," with various nooks of the federal government 404-ing, so to speak, the certification world is among the many entities experiencing the negative effects of taking the country offline. An echo of the much larger reverberations appeared at the website of test administrator Pearson VUE. Apparently, the company is connected to a number of authorized test centers on U.S. military bases and other government sites. Pearson reports that, until further notice, cert candidates who had planned to take exams at such facilities may need to formulate a Plan B.

Coming and Going: HP, Oracle Fiddle With Certification Offerings

Computing giant HP has added a new credential to its Accredited Technical Professional lineup. The new TeamSite System Administrator V1 cert is for techies who want to demonstrate proficiency with TeamSite, the HP content management system with a family tree that stretches through Autonomy (acquired by HP in 2011) and Interwoven (acquired by Autonomy in 2009).

And since the universe closes a door whenever it opens a window, or however that spiel goes, Oracle is pulling the plug on its Oracle Exdata 11g certification. The Exdata 11g cert will be replaced by (deep breath) the new Exadata Database Machine Models X3-2 and X3-8 Certified Implementation Specialist.

Stick to the Essentials

We end this week on a note from Cisco Learning Network's Depth of Field blog. In comparing business cultures, blogger Marcus Fan finds that, in a lot of cases, employers are all looking for the same things. Fan suggests that, as you walk your certification path, wherever it may lead, you stick to certain cross-cultural problem-solving skills. It's not a recipe for world domination, but it could be valuable as you confront the same or similar situations time and again.

That's all for this edition of Certification Watch. Please keep your certification news and tips coming to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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