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27 Companies Earn Trustmark Recgonition from CompTIA

Credentials signify commitment to industry best practices and high levels of customer service and support 

Downers Grove, Ill., July 21, 2014 – CompTIA, the IT Industry Trade Association, announced today that 27 companies in five countries earned CompTIA Trustmarks during the second quarter of 2014.

CompTIA Trustmarks are vendor-neutral business credentials for companies that employ industry-proven best practices and deliver consistently high levels of customer service. The credentials were developed at the request of the IT industry, under the guidance of industry experts and leaders.

“These companies have demonstrated a commitment to the highest levels of integrity, professionalism and sustained quality service,” said Nancy Hammervik, senior vice president, industry relations, CompTIA. “Customers seeking the best our industry has to offer need look no further than organizations holding a CompTIA Trustmark.”

CompTIA Trustmarks awarded in Q2 2014 included:

·         CompTIA Accredit UK Trustmark+™, the premier benchmark of business excellence for IT companies in the United Kingdom: Ceritec, Ltd., London, and GiaKonda IT, Swansea. Additionally, the following companies earned renewals of their CompTIA Accredit UK Trustmark:Astrix Integrated Systems Ltd., Wales; Credativ Ltd., Warwickshire; Crimson Ltd., Warwickshire; Jameson Lomax, Nottinghamshire;Managed Enterprise Technologies (MET) Ltd., Birmingham; Socitm, Northampton; The ICT Practice, Birmingham; and Vanti, Birmingham.

·         CompTIA IT Business Trustmark™ for IT companies in the United Kingdom seeking validation that they follow the industry’s best practices for service agreements, standard operating procedures and systems and tools for delivering services: Cetec-ISC, Ltd., Surrey,Quadratix, Ltd., Wiltshire and Workplacelive, Ltd., Croydon.

·         CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark for companies providing on premise IT services via a managed services business model:Acrodex, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Diversified Technical Solutions, Jessup, Ga.;  Lambert Technology Solutions, Naperville, Ill.;  NET Xperts, Pittsburgh; Szymanski Consulting, Erie, Pa.; and Vicom, Virginia Beach., Va.

·         CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark™ for companies offering on-premise print services via a managed services business model:Capita, London, United Kingdom; Independent Photocopier Services Ltd., Dublin, Ireland; Office Document Consulting, Inc., Oakville, Ontario, Canada; Pinnacle Office Equipment, South Wales, United Kingdom; and Simplify, Stavanger, Norway.  

·         CompTIA Security Trustmark™, a self-assessment that identified business that follow security best practices in data protection, personnel security and access management: InfoSystems, Inc., Chattanooga, Tenn.; Polonious Case Management Systems, LLC, Palm Beach, Fla. and Strategic Insurance Software, LLC, Columbus, Ohio.

The CompTIA Trustmark™ Directory lists all businesses worldwide – more than 400 – that have earned any of the credentials. Clicking on a company’s name reveals a unique profile listing, including additional information on the company and how to contact them.

Companies seeking more information on the CompTIA Trustmark program can visit

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