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BCS calls on business leaders to ensure employees are Cyber Security savvy

 20 November 2014

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, is calling businesses to ensure that their employees are up to speed with cyber security. The Institute points to research by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills* that shows that 31% of the worst security breaches in businesses in the year were caused by inadvertent human error (and a further 20% by deliberate misuse of systems by staff).


Jon Buttriss, CEO of BCS Learning & Development Ltd explains: “Business leaders cannot disregard cyber security issues or pretend that they don’t apply to them. In every organisation, whatever your size, everyone has a role to play in cyber security - it’s not just an issue for the IT department. Any cyber security breach has the potential to have enormous consequences for customer trust, particularly when that breach comes from inside the company.”


The Institute is partnering with Templar Executives**, specialists in cyber security, to provide businesses with leading edge cyber security training products and services to strengthen their cyber security posture. The first of these offerings will be Cyber Security Awareness e-learning.


Jon adds: “Businesses need to adopt a common sense approach to their cyber security, from protecting networks, data protection, implementing device security to creating policies about email, web and social media use by employees. Everyone in the organisation needs to understand the policies, principles and their individual responsibility.”


The BCS and Templar Executives’ Cyber Security awareness e-learning encompasses key topics such as: the cyber security threats; information assurance; the Data Protection Act 1998; best practice in social media; top ten golden rules in cyber security and an assessment to check understanding.


Andrew Fitzmaurice, CEO Templar Executives, says: “In today’s rapidly evolving world, it is critical that organisations adopt a holistic cyber security approach that encompasses people, processes, policies and ICT in order to embed a positive cyber security culture and successfully maximise their business outcomes. Organisations need to balance the protection and exploitation of their information, ensuring that it is proportionate and in line with their strategic objectives to maintain reputation and achieve competitive advantage. Training and education is key; e-learning is a powerful and cost effective way to develop employee knowledge, raising their level of understanding and competence to a consistent standard, commensurate with government and industry best practice.”


*2014 Information Security Breaches survey commissioned by Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (PDF)


**Templar Executives has been working with the Boards of Government and FTSE 100 companies to improve their cyber security posture.