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BCS Members Honoured for University Teaching

 12 June 2014 — Today the Higher Education Academy announced the 2014 National Teaching Fellowship awards. Among the 55 awards, spread across all subjects, two are awarded to Trustees and members of the Academy of Computing Board, of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

National Teaching Fellowships are awarded to “individuals who are judged to make an outstanding impact on the student learning experience”:

These two National Teaching Fellows for 2014 are


  • Dr. Tom Crick, Senior Lecturer in Computing Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University and Chair of Computing at School Wales
  • Professor James Davenport, Hebron and Medlock Professor of Information Technology at the University of Bath and Vice-President (Academy of Computing Trustee) at BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT


Professor Jeff Magee, Chair of the Academy of Computing Board at the Institute and Principal of the Faculty of Engineering at Imperial College says: “We are delighted that not just one, but two, members of the BCS Academy of Computing Board have had this prestigious honour bestowed. We believe this is the first time two members of the Board of a Learned Society have received this honour in the same year.  Teaching Computer Science at university level is a doubly-challenging task: on the one hand the external world, and the subject, is very fast-changing, on the other hand the intake is also fast-changing and there is a very wide range of past experiences in any University’s intake. These two have excelled in meeting these challenges, and the Higher Education Academy has recognised this. I would like to offer my congratulations to these two colleagues, and hope that many more computing academics will receive this honour in the coming years.”

One reason the intake to University courses is hugely varied is the changing state of computing teaching in schools. BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, together with Computing At School (CAS), have been instrumental in these changes. Tom Crick is Chair of CAS Wales, and James Davenport is South-West Regional Coordinator of the CAS Network of Excellence.

Dr Bill Mitchell, Director of Education at the Institute, remarks: “Computing At School is running a number of initiatives to help teachers introduce the new computing curriculum that comes into force this September. Universities are playing a vital role by helping to provide essential computer science training for schoolteachers, and BCS is very grateful for their continued support. James and Tom have both been tremendous advocates of university involvement and have also lead by example in this respect by directly supporting many schools themselves.”

Further information about the Awards can be found at: