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BCSWomen inspire young women in Outbox Incubator project

5 August 2015 - BCSWomen are supporting Outbox Incubator aimed at inspiring the next generation of female STEM entrepreneurs to launch their own STEM business ideas. The 6 week immersive programme of events, workshops and inspirational talks will equip participants with the skills, networks and confidence to make informed decisions about careers in science, technology, engineering and maths.


Nela Brown, a member of BCSWomen who is acting as a mentor for the programme says: “BCSWomen are delighted to be involved with such a great project encouraging girls and young women to turn their ideas into products and form tech companies with the help from industry mentors.


“I talked to two teams of young women who developed two different mobile apps addressing issues they themselves encountered and wanted to solve through technology. Without girls making products for girls, these and many other issues which are important to girls will never get addressed. The Outbox Incubator programme is making sure that they do.”


Outbox is the first incubator of its kind for girls and young women focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Over 6 weeks this summer participants will take part in workshops, events and talks lead by STEM industry professionals who want to share their experience and expertise. The aim of the Outbox is to support participants to develop their unique business idea or product and form new STEM companies during the programme. Outbox Incubator is an inclusive experience, and is offered free for all participants.











Professor Cornelia Boldyreff, a member of BCSWomen who visited the house where the programme is taking place and met with the girls and young women just 3 days into the programme adds: “These girls and young women represent the future women in STEM and the future is in good hands. It was a privilege to tell them my “herstory” how I’ve made my career in software engineering and to hear their stories and plans for the future.”


Genevieve Hibbs (BS MPH PhD FCybs MBCS MFSB), a member of BCSWomen also visiting the programme says: “When I met these knowledgeable and enthusiastic young people I was reminded that I was more than twice the age of the oldest when I had my first desktop computer in 1980. The incubator is a fabulous opportunity for these girls. I take my hat off to those who are organising it all. I talked with two girls aged thirteen who had entrepreneurial plans; they were already making them realistic - how exciting.”


Participants in the project are between the ages of 11 - 22 and are at varying stages of experience and knowledge in STEM exploration. Many have achieved recognition for their achievements and some of the awards they have won to date include: the EU Young Scientist of the year, Google Science Fair, BT Young Scientist of the Year, The British Science Association Big Bang Fair Award.


BCSWomen are acting as mentors for the participants as part of the ‘WISE Wednesday’ where STEM professionals in the WISE network will share their experiences, answer questions and most importantly be a ‘STEM-AZING’ female role model to inspire our young women and provide exemplary role models.